As stupid as they are, most Confederate memorials strike a solemn, stately tone, incorporating elements of classical Greek sculpture to honor historical figures and capture the magnitude of human loss during the Civil War. All but one.

In a timely manner, Americans have formed a consensus that the war banner of loser secessionist is a hideous symbol of slavery, and we are – in 2015 – suddenly exceptional enough that we don’t need public artistic celebrations of those who tried to destroy the Union in the name of human chattel. The South has a lot of things to be proud of: music, tasty food, beautiful native flora….its population’s failed attempt to form The Confederate States of America is not one of them, and so does not deserve to be memorialized in our nation’s parks and pedestrian walkways. With one exception.

Poignantly located next to a barren strip of land by I-65 in Nashville,  there is a statue – a massive, 25-foot fiberglass statue – surrounded by 13 Confederate state battle flags. It is the Nathan Bedford Forrest monument, the most alarming looking statue I’ve ever seen in my life, including statues of cartoon characters located inside cartoon shows.

Just look at this fucking thing:

That’s supposed to be a human being.

There are, apparently, more statues of Nathan Bedford Forrest in Tennessee than there are statues of George Washington in Virginia, or of Abraham Lincoln in Illinois, or of any other person in any other state. This just happens to be the greatest one. Despite a reputation for having singled out black Union soldiers for slaughter following their surrender and the subsequent lynchings, Forrest has been immortalized in statues across the South. His name has been lent to public institutions, including  Nathan B. Forrest High in Jacksonville, Florida, all the way up until November of 2013.. Oh, The South, you big goofs, with your  sleeveless shirts and junky cars and small brains.

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by kara on July 1, 2015

Are the gas masks because St. Louis has chemical weapons? Because they certainly are not effective at combating chemtrails.

I mean, it doesn’t really help that so many military guys straight from combat are signing up for police work after their tours are over. You’re in America now. Stop directing traffic like you’re still in Iraq.

(Clarence Thomas, while picking a pubic hair from his Coke can, his dignity as intact as ever.)

This is a real paragraph written by a real Supreme Court justice who has real power over the lives of Americans. The logical extension of this mind-bending, utterly immoral, Orwellian argument: “Jewish people in Europe during the late 30′s and 40′s weren’t deprived of liberty or dignity by the events of the Holocaust.” This opinion is so nonsensical that it could have been assembled from a word jumble. He’s against equal rights for gays because of ‘dignity’? He might as well have substituted the word ‘dignity’ with ”Baloney Samwich” in his opinion and it would have made as much sense. With his opinion in the ACA case and this Bizarro-universe missive, I think we need to stop pretending that Clarence Thomas is anything other than a dangerous, mentally ill reprobate that needs to be removed from the highest court in the land.

pass the heroin

by kara on June 22, 2015

I was in line for coffee this afternoon and overheard someone, in all seriousness, declare that the Civil War was caused by taxation without representation. And that any Moran would know it wasn’t about slavery. Nope. Not even a little. You know that head twist your dog makes when you say something to it that is completely incomprehensible and weird and sounds totally bizarre? That’s what I did. I started talking to my friend something about representation in the House, Senate, and WH in the years leading up to the Cvil War, the declarations of secession for several of the states, all of which suggested that probably that wasn’t really the issue. Blah, blah, blah, the various documents that survive from the time as each of the Confederate states seceded make it VERY clear why they were doing so, and first and foremost among the reasons was the survival of the “peculiar institution”. Right? Like why is this even a question? Unless…You guys! Do you think maybe people aren’t really reading those things and haven’t really bothered to find out much about the actual history instead of the fictionalized Gone With the Wind crap? That couldn’t be it, could it?

Not hate, just subjugation. Yup. The hate only started when they had to be called ‘people.’

Somebody pass the heroin, hillbilly or otherwise.


by kara on June 22, 2015

Wait, do they actually fear that Dylann Storm Roof’s admitted racist attack IS going to spark a Race War? Are they afraid that if they do admit it was racism, that all the black people really will be fixing to chop up the Wingnut Media and One Percentiles into little itsy pieces? It is almost like they are admitting their own complicity, that NOT tamping down the racist angle at this point is a worse gamble than just ignoring the reality and suffering the consequences.

A large swath of the US population honestyly can no longer distinguish normal from nuts and evil from good anymore. They are called wingnuts, libertarians, and religious conservatives.

by kara on June 22, 2015

My Kitchen featured on one of my favorites sites on the planet Retro Renovation

All hail Bicentennial chic

Happy Day Day, Dad

by kara on June 21, 2015

F the Confederacy

by kara on June 21, 2015

Fuck the “Confederacy”. Fuck ‘em all to hell. We should have cut them loose when they wanted out. But no, we had to kill half a million people to keep them in our very special Union. Fighting for the right to enslave an entire race of people  - yeah, those are states we want to keep. Since then, those states that seem more and more like a place in Lovecraft’s works, a backwards, degenerate race of people given over to cruelty and madness, worshiping their deformed gods amid a pile of bones, skin and ichor, working to bring about the end of the humanity with the return of their evil masters.

You have proven yourselves to be treasonous, UnAmerican monsters over and over. You whined and got your special three-fifths shamefully written into the constitution. When you didn’t get their way and wouldn’t go along with democracy, you tried to secede. Despite the clear separation of church and state, you continue to inject your politicized religion into teaching science, or treating all couples equally under the law, demanding that government and society be bent and limited by your psychotic religious ideas.

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this morning

by kara on June 18, 2015