by kara on November 23, 2015

Here’s this little plaque from Manzanar, in California, the third paragraph of which should be inscribed on the forehead of every American:

The third line:

“May the injustices and humiliation suffered here as a result of hysteria, racism and economic exploitation never energy again.”

by kara on November 23, 2015

So, I was fed up with being burgled every other day by the burglars in my neighbourhood. So, I tore out my alarm system, put my pitbull to sleep and resigned from our local Neighbourhood Watch. I’ve planted a Iraqi flag in each corner of my front garden with a bog honking ISIS flag in the center. Now, the LAPD, CIA, the FBI, the National Security Bureau, Scotland Yard, MI-5, MI-6, and every other intelligence service in the world are all watching my house 24x7x365. My dog has a personal escort on her walks boyfriend, every time he leaves the house, has an escort. I’m followed to and from work every day. So no one bothers us at all these days. I have never felt safer in my life!

The War on Christmas – waged by secular humanists and their corporate stooges – grabs all the headlines, with their Satanic and UnAmerican “Happy Holidays” slogans and Starbucks cups sans Santa. But less talked about is the Corporate War on Thanksgiving.

For you see, when I was little, in the 1970′s and 1980′s, pretty much every store and office in America was closed. Only dedicated fire fighters, police officers, and medical professionals like my parents, worked.

Thanksgiving was a special day.

Nowadays, all the stores and malls are open, hence much of the olde time Thanksgiving charm is lost, particularlty for the poor suckers who have to work or be on call, if the store manager needs a few more registers open or you work late night till early morning Friday getting things ready, and guns loaded, for the Black Friday Massacre.

Mall stores that opt to close on Thankgviing day are forced to pay fines to corporate because the rest of the mall is open. Because the mall’s gonna be open on Thanksgiving and it would look bad if some of the stores weren’t open, see? You wouldn’t want to make the mall look bad, would you? And there you have it. Corporate is waging the War on Thanksgiving, and that’s why wingnutz don’t give two flying fucks about it.

Soon Thanksgiving will be just another day, with we the people scurrying liie the rats that we are, to our offices and to stores, so the Corporate Person, be it Corporate Man or Corporate Woman or Corporate Transgender pronoun, can maximize profits to shareholders.

And then the War on Thanksgiving will be over and Corporate Person has won and the Hunan Person has lost.

The end.


I was in the car in the middle of a radio interview with some dingbat last night. I kept thinking, who is this nutjob yapping about Syrian refugees? I don’t recognize his voice but he sounds like a Klown Kar rider. Finally figured out it was Ohio’s John Kasich – the one at the debates who was rolling his eyes at his fellow Republican presidential candidates because they are nutty but he is reasonable. I think he must have gotten some training in having a reasonable sounding voice that might fool you for a minute until you actually listen to what he says. I nearly lost my shit, Kasich was trying his hardest pretending to be a Fundamentalist Chrisitian.

I have to say, I never saw this one coming. In the race to see who could come up with the most insane, unconstitutional proposal in reaction to the Paris massacre, my money was on the obvious favorites, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. And while they all made valient efforts,  the worst idea of all sprung up from the “moderate” mind of Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Maybe he got tired of being called “the reasonable one” and decided that if Crazy Talk is what’s selling this year, he may as well go all in.

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Most Dangerous Games: Dip-a-Flower

by kara on November 19, 2015

Look at the image on the box! SO beautiful! The super Mod Dip-a-Flower kits were like a dream of mod craftiness, making magnificent groovy-colored, glasslike, transparent floral bouquets.

The first problem was Dip-a-Flower was a messy proposition, the second was that the sharp wire tended to poke out of the ends of the stems. I used to see Dip-a-Flower kits at the hobby shopand thought that they were so cool. I seems as if breathing the polyester resin fumes was very toxic. I must admit I liked the smell, but it did make us all a little dizzy.

DEAR MOM: I cannot believe you bought us resin pouring kits when I was 9.  A resin cast is formed when resin and a chemical catalyst are combined to form a hard, plastic-like material. I know that our Dip-a-Flower kit was from the Sears Wish Book and they looked really neat but we didn’t wear masks or gloves and the 2-part resin mixture was very, very toxic. These kits are still available today, but are recommended for adults with a respirator, gloves, and eye protection.


by kara on November 15, 2015

Hi, fellow travelers to the grave, who are still checking my blog. I can’t even imagine how terrorized and displaced  Parisians feel right now and I don’t know what could possibly make things better for them. But I sure as hell know that arming every nitwit with an American Rambo fantasy would make them worse. At least when they are hold up nervoulsy in their apartments with friends, they don’t have to worry that a toddler is going start playing with a gun that Jean-Pierre left out on the coffee table. Or that Shooty McPistol is going to start firing wildly at a fleeing shoplifter in a public parking lot. Or any one of the gajillion ways that we Americans like to prove how exceptional our Second Amendment rights are. As a society we pay 30K gun deaths a year for the privilege of carrying around a gun so that we can kill people if the urge strikes. An enlightened society would not tolerate such barbarism.

by kara on November 2, 2015

Hoodies, how do they work?

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