John Glenn, Last American Hero.

by kara on December 8, 2016

we’re a dumpster fire

by kara on December 1, 2016

by kara on November 29, 2016


Let’s all Work for Free Again.

by kara on November 23, 2016



Since 1989 Congress has voted itself 15 fucking pay increases.

Since 1989 not ONE Republican has voted to increase the federal minimum wage.

One of the two presidential candidates was pushing for a minimum wage increase, but somehow a lot of minimum wage workers in search of “a change in Washington” voted for the other one.

It’s what Republican Jesus would want: “Pay a man minimum wage and he’ll eat twice or thrice a week. Teacheth’ him to dumpster dive and he’ll eat every day.” Amen – Trump Bible: Two Corinthians: bk 1

Being a Liberal in America SUCKS

by kara on November 22, 2016


It ain’t easy being liberal in America.

Put simply, liberals appeal to peoples sense of humanity, which Conservatives appeal to our inhumanity and selfishness. Liberals can see a problem or injustice and understand it as such, even if it does not affect them personally. It’s increasingly clear that “Republican” is really just a clinical term for “person completely lacking empathy”. When they call for a small government, they mean “small enough to cover my every need, but no one else’s”.

Empathy lets us care about the well being of others. Empathy allows us to look beyond our own individual and group needs, work towards the common good and is the foundation of Civil Society. I’m a big fan of Civilization and I don’t think you can have a successful civilization without empathy. Empathy makes us fully human and it is is the essential thing that most conservatives apparently lack. I’ve been told there are these people  – “good people” –  who are also right-wing  conservatives. People who really do seem to want good things for other people, not wish anyone ill, but just cannot see beyond what touches them personally, and even then, it’s kind of sketchy. It’s as if they just lack a calculable ability to empathize with others – they cannot seem to get that other people’s experiences aren’t the same as theirs, nor can they imagine that what has benefitted them may have hurt others. I know if they were able to walk even half a mile in the shoes of a black person, a gay person, a poor white family who relies on government to eat, or a non-Christian, they’d understand…but they really do seem blank-eyed in the face of this –  incapable of that kind of imagination or empathy. And they are so willing to buy into this reflexive, vindictive meanness that infects their party. I can tolerate differences of opinion, but I hate bullies.

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what a difference a 12 years makes

by kara on November 22, 2016

It’s Always Sunny in California

by kara on November 15, 2016


Philosophically speaking, American government is the greatest experiment in freedom in human history. To ignore, or deny, that we have something great on our hands is a denial of an inheritance that was blood-bought at Antietam, Normandy and Fallujah. A casual unbelief in goodness or importance of the political system leads to apathy in participating in it. And a citizenry’s lack of participation allows the selfishness and largesse that has driven away Millennials in the first place. They embody a simmering disgust with the elite and an awareness that America has become a small filthy rich trumping ruling class, large swaths of poor laborers, and just enough middle class to appear like a democracy.

Apocalyptic movements only grow beyond the fanatics and cultists when the whole of human consciousness is tugged by the need to overturn the tables and make examples of the terrible people in charge of our futures. I bring to you, then the beginning of the Organized  La Resistance! And it is starting even before Donald Trump sets tiny, be-loafered foot into the White (again) House.  California has said no bueno to Trump’s amorphous campaign promise to deport two to three million immigrants in his first days in office. In reality, finding and deporting millions of human beings is a lot harder than saying it and getting cheers at a campaign rally with hats. Bug-eyed House Speaker Paul Ryan is too busy salivating over the prospect of privatizing Medicare, and said Sunday Congress is “not planning on erecting a deportation force. Donald Trump’s not planning on that.”

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by kara on November 11, 2016

To you who bemoaned what a horrible candidate Clinton was and you know who you are. You dot get to cry that Trump i our president I’m not talking about your vote. As has been endlessly observed, your vote in many places (including here in CA) is a grain in a pile of rice. CA was never at (much) risk of going for Trump. I’m talking about the endless online/offline slagging of a fine candidate. “She’s a criminal, she’s dishonest, she’s a Wall Street WHORE, she’s a LIAR, she’s a terrible human being”. No, no, and no, no and no. You helped do the work of the right wing hate machine. You helped drag down a fine candidate as effectively (if not more effectively) than the reddest necked mouth-breathing racist Fox News troll. All this public handwringing about how you couldn’t bring yourself vote for the lesser of two evils merely because you’re afraid of Trump. Well guess what, dummy? It’s ALWAYS about the lesser of two evils. If you find a political race between pure good and pure evil, pinch yourself awake because it’s a dream. Being afraid of Trump was a FINE, FINE reason to vote for Clinton. I AM AFRAID OF TRUMP, The implication that there’s some moral scale of evil where Clinton is a 9 and Trump is a 10 is fucking appalling.  There is no moral scale of evil in which Trump is even orders of magnitude close to Clinton. Maybe that’s the only scale on which Trump is a true billionaire.
Look, I get that Hillary Clinton is the devil because she is part of the Democratic Party, and man, it’s the worst and did not even let Bernie win even though the Millennials voted for him and their votes should count more than seniors’ and blacks. Maybe Sanders could have won if he’d been nominated. Doubt it! But HE DIDN’T GET NOMINATED.  Maybe Abraham Lincoln could have won if he were nominated. Or Michelle Obama. Maybe Ghandi. Beyonce. That musical Hamilton. My mail lady. That old shoe. THEY WEREN’T ON THE BALLOT EITHER. It was a binary choice, the lesser or the greater evil.

Oh, but maybe politics just needs a “shakeup!” from old establishment Obama! Maybe the system is so broken we needed this, like an oldsey timey tonic or a leeching. We have to confront the brokenness to fix it. Any history majors out there see the flaw in this logic? Let’s go full Godwin. Germany is now a much nicer place than it was before Hitler came to power. Maybe they just needed a few years of utter hell to break down the old corrupt system? How about the Cambodia? Just a wee breakdown, a restart if you will, a few years with Pol Pot to purge all the corruption?

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24 More Hours of the Patriarchy, Ladies!

by kara on November 7, 2016


Make some noise ladies, because we did it! We killed the patriarchy! We will ever have to live another day being talked down to, devalued, or raped. NEVER AGAIN. Well, haha, no, be we did go get our currency feminized, well sort of. ….still, at least it’s something — and women are real good at being grateful for the “at least it’s something” crumbs. And we only have to wait another five years for that female funny money, which is nothing compared to how long women had to wait for the right to vote. And the right to have their own bank accounts. Just One hundred years ago, women couldn’t vote. Just Fifty years ago, women couldn’t have credit cards in their own name. And in this, the year 2016, a mostly male Supreme Court heard arguments about whether the state of Texas, and thus the country, had the right to make it all but impossible for women to receive reproductive healthcare because male legislators consider vaginas inherently icky, and they believe women’s medical decisions are far too important to leave up to women. For their own good, of course. I for one am sick TO DEATH of listening whiny jackholes complain about how feminism has ruined manhood by daring to advocate for women to be treated as full-fledged human beings and not underpaid, overworked fetus incubators with no agency over their bodies and their reproductive decisions. If we’ve suffered through the worst year ever so that women will no longer feel like they have to keep silent about abuse, then it is worth the pain.

Also in the year 2016, our first female presidential candidate was accused of being a “witch”/ Yes, the lid was blown off Hillary Clinton’s involvement with a known child trafficker, thanks to a partnership between Wikileaks and the brave detectives of a rabid pro-Donald Trump group on Reddit. Google hashtag “spirit cooking”.

In the past year, Hillary Pantsuit Clinton travelgated to Whitewater to drown-murder Vince Foster in a menopausal  rage, with her headband. She killed those embassy officials with her literal vagina, swallowed them up whole, then private-jetted home from Benghazi to lie about four dead Americans, in her secret email server lair to her spirit cooking buddies pals while watching “Nurse Jackie” and snacking on the fingers and feet of fetuses. She’s too old, too short, too shrill, she’s been around too long and done too much, and she’s accomplished nothing except marrying well. She is the anti-christ in a pantsuit.

But tomorrow, the aforementioned anti-christ – Madam First Lady Senator Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Esquire – will make some motherfuckin’ history, y’all. She will be our POTUS and in, like, a landslide.

So can we fucking acknowledge the history of the moment – which we were not allowed to do when she became the first female nominee for a major party (No, Jill Stein does not count), because something something Bernie –  because HOLY SHIT THIS IS A BIG DEAL.  And if you don’t think so, well go fuck your life with a rusty tire iron because one of the most revolting things men and white people, and, well,  straight people — any fucking powerful, privileged group — can do is act like it’s somehow unserious to acknowledge that history has, in fact, been made.


by kara on November 4, 2016

cweavfhw8aaqcy4Okay, fine lets say it is true. Then I think we really need to make major changes to theology because apparently Satan – while sometimes not being as progressive as we would like – is trying to make life better. At the same time, the good Christians work tirelessly to screw over the poor, discriminate, wreck the environment and make life harder for anyone who isn’t them.