by kara on March 29, 2015

Barry Obama has dealt with more ignorant bullshit racist backlash than any politician in history. He should get to do or say anything he wants to outrage the assholes  – drink Colt 45 from a brown paper bag, grow pot in the White House garden, put a stripper pole in the Oval Office, drive around DC in a pimped out Cadillac ghetto sled with the bass pounding — whatever makes their backward, tea party, cracker heads explode.

by kara on March 29, 2015

Growing up in crappy Ambler, PA, my brother and I begged our dad to take us to Toner Beef & Ale, a local tavern. Toner’s Beef & Ale,  according to the article was bought in 1963 for $28,000. It was recently razed to make way for a bank.

Too many Banks, too many drug stores, not enough Ye Oldes.


The Razing


by kara on March 26, 2015

RIP Looking on HBO

I’ll miss the boys.

by kara on March 12, 2015

Young Assholes: there are cameras everywhere now, and they record all of the asshole things assholes like you once did in private. And the intertubes will spread images of your assholishness far and wide for all the world to see. And, yes, there ARE consequences for being an asshole. You may not like those consequences. So before you open your drooling piehole to spout some assholish thing, such as  sing a racist :fraternity” song, do a little war game in your head to explore those consequences. Oh, who the fuck am I trying to kid here. Assholes don’t war game out consequences. They’re far too busy being assholes. Carry on, assholes.

by kara on March 12, 2015

My friend. RIP.

by kara on March 11, 2015

When exactly did the Republican Party cease functioning as a political party? Now it is some sort of corporatist franchise, supported by a massive system of election fraud incorporating the US Supreme Court and privatized electronic voting, which can not be independently audited. the result is empowerment of a lunatic fringe.


by kara on March 7, 2015

“The Selma marchers were agitators who deserved to be beaten.” — National Review, 1965

“The movie “Selma” was reminiscent of past racism that is all over. Talking of racism now is just agitation.”
– National Review, 2015

Different jackal, same whiney howls.

by kara on March 1, 2015

Dear American Conservatives:

Your efforts at “governing” an advanced society in this century have been consistently atrocious. Indeed, they would be comical if they did not result as often as they do in needless suffering and death. Please leave government to people who are equipped to do it, and who actually believe in it.

PS You disgraceful, brain-dead, sadistic, fucking troglodytes.

by kara on February 27, 2015

via daily kos

Damnit Where’s the Granite?

by kara on February 22, 2015


A guy namemNathan Chandler posted pictures to sell his never-used, mid-century pink kitchen on Flickr. The house itself was built in 1956, and the kitchen is equipped with vintage GE appliances. According to the article, the house hasn’t been occupied and the appliances have never been used. But weirdly, there is an obviously state of the art stainless steel dishwasher to the left of the sink.

Anyway, it is magnificent an chirmeric with bult-in stainless steel tissue box and paper towel holders. It is puzzling why it’s “never been used”, if that is in fact true The story is the prior owners never moved into the house and then sold it to Mr. Chandler in 2009 with the agreement to not tell why they never lived in house. Curiouser and curiouser.

Because it wasnt open-concept and lacked granite and stainless and shit, the new owner apparently sold off the pink kitchen parts.