by kara on March 2, 2018

Sad/Hilarious story on Buzzed bout how a bunch of the underlings who work at White House fucking hate it there and are looking for new jobs, but they can’t get new jobs, not even at Sizzler or Wetzel’s in the airport, because nobody wants to hire somebody who worked at the trashy grifty failed Trump White House. Perhaps they should claim they were serving jail time, instead of putting Trump Administration on their resume? It sounds classier and they’d probably have a better chance of getting hired.

Tell us how bad it is, “former White House official”:

“Things are still pretty bleak inside the White House,” the source said. “I’ve talked to several people in the last week trying to find a way out, but they can’t get out because no one is really hiring people with Trump White House experience. Not a fun time to say the least.”

It used to be that no decent, self-respecting person wanted to work in the Trump Administration. Now he can’t even keep the crooks in there. Sad!

So-called “conservative women” need to reject the 170 years of women asking for autonomy, from the Seneca Falls convention, until today.

Because the women who organized Seneca Falls were not “conservative”. Because the women who attended Seneca Falls were not conservative. Because Lucretia Mott, a Quaker, abolitionist, women’s rights activist, social reformer and brilliant orator was not a “conservative”. Because the suffragettes were not conservative

Not voting, not getting involved in anything outside of their home, only doing what their husbands told them to do, is what conservative women did. Voting, organizing, protesting, having a job and not handing your paycheck over to your husband, being able to get a credit card without your husband’s approval, those are all liberal/feminist plots that radically changed what is defined as acceptable. If you truly want to be conservative, please reject the last 170 of years of feminism.

Stop voting, stop caring about your gynecologic health, stop having a life outside of your husband and family, and please quit talking about how you are conservative. You are not. You are opportunistic, taking advantage of the work of liberals/feminists for your personal gain

FACT: Feminists are pro-choice. Whether or not for themselves — they do not tell other women what to do with their bodies. Feminists are smart! They understand that abortions happen whether they’re legal or not. And the causal effect of illegalizing abortion is rich women traveling somewhere it’s legal and having it done safely, and poor women turning to less safe measures. Personally, I don’t believe you can be a feminist if you support something in effect being legal for rich women and illegal for poor women. If you sincerely want to reduce the incidence of abortion, try advocating for things that actually help with that, like making sure all women have access to birth control. Isn’t it better to do what actually works? Conservative women do not think so!

ALSO FACT: It’s not anti-male to discuss the ways men kind of have it easier in our society. Acknowledging that makes you a person who pays attention to things, not a person who doesn’t like men!  When I was 9, we moved to a new house in a new neighborhood. My brother and I were offered to tag along with the neighborhood boys down in the woods where there was a cool tire swing that swung over a little creek. When it was my turn, I was passed over. When I grabbed the rope one of the boys said “Oh, are you one of those feminists?” Confused, I later asked my dad what a feminist was and if I was one?  He told me to think about how I walk into situations expecting to be treated the same as everyone else. And that that made me a feminist. So naturally I was very confused when the media  – this was the 1970’s – kept trying to paint feminists out to be strange, man-hating psychopaths. We just wanted to be treated the same!

Declaring oneself not-a-feminist means assuming the rights and privileges thereto while simultaneously pandering to the forces that would deny those same rights and privileges.

Conservative women I know love to talk about how they look at themselves as products of their choices, not victims of their circumstances. And who gave these righteous ladies the opportunity to make those choices? They act as if the choices they had have always been there and were always accessible to women when the truth is that many, many, many women who came before them fought and struggled hard to make those opportunities exist. Assuming that choices are part of nature’s abundance, like low-hanging fruit. (Okay, not a very succinct analogy, but I’m a woman and therefore mentally limited.)

I hate this choices/circumstances thing so very much. First, because it takes for granted that the particular choices are available to all women, when we know they aren’t – and one doesn’t even have to be all worked up about “identity politics” to know that. And second, because it so totally demeans any analysis of any of the barriers to having those choices, sexism among them. And racism doesn’t exist, either. STOP COMPLAINING LADY LIBTARDS!!!


We get it, you’re sexy.

by kara on February 23, 2018

She spent the better part of her career trying to out sexy everybody else. Then it all came crashing down on the national stage at the NBA all star game. 

Every American wants the same thing from the pre-game national anthem. Clear, in-tune, over quickly. No frills, no off-script, no warbling. On-and-out and onto the main event as quickly as possible. We want the song portion of the sporting event out of the way. If we had to have any anthem on Monday night, we wanted Whitney Houston’s Super Bowl performance, ten days the US commenced the first major military action of the post-terrorism age. Whitney stood on the 50-yard line in a casual white tracksuit with red and blue stripes and sneakers, her natural curls pulled back in a wide headband, looking more like an Olympic athlete than a bonafide pop star. It was soulful, supremely confident, and rousing. As she hit the final climactic high note—an E-flat above middle C—on the word “free,” four F-16 fighter jets performed a ceremonial fly-by in the skies above. In a shitty moment for our country and the world, It was a moment of unforgettable drama and pride.

Onto Sunday’s All–Star game, and another tense and horrific period in American life. Less than one week after one of deadliest school shootings in modern American history. One year into a presidency of a monstrous Horror Klown – certainly the most grievous blow that the American Idea has suffered in my lifetime – who has publicly said about (primarily) Afrian American pro athletes:

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he’s fired. He’s fired!’”

It is February, 2o18, and we are intertwined with desolation and decay. Children are being slaughtered in school. Racism has run amok, seeping into even the holiest corners of American life (sports). To paraphrase Trump’s famous campaign appeal to African American voters: With their lives and communities in such ruin, what the hell did they have to lose? Basically, his past week, in its slow-motion calamity, is what becomes of the bitterness and dull horror of American life. in a time of.  We are looking for any sign of relief from society’s imminent collapse, that those of us unprepared for our post-apocalyptic future are destined to die alone in the street

Fergie had a momentous opportunity.And she decided to go back to the sexy well.

She couldn’t just sign it. No, of course not. She had to go there. She had to inject the stupid anthem nobody wants to sit through with strange inflections, a growly baby voice, and bizarre vocal gymnastics, dragging it out and creepily trying to seduce America with the war song. A strange and sad app tempt at achieving Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK status. Just a total misfire in conception and execution.



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life is a dried up river bed

by kara on February 23, 2018

The 50 Shadesilization of Everything.

by kara on February 20, 2018

Cold War Olympic gold medalists skating for the USSR, Natalia Bestemianova & Andre Bukin brought it at the 1995 Legends Pro Figure Skating Competition. Bukin is of course Rasputin; it seems Natalia plays Tsarevich Alexei. It really has it all, from crucifixes to mortar fire to hemophilia, gunshots and the re-enactment of the revolution (the execution of the Romanovs? No Canadian 50 Shades of Moulin Rouge/Roxanne for these two!

What was up with all the pearl clutching about the siblings? They are athletes like everybody else. I guess I missed the part about ice dancing being, not an athletic event, but a live sex show.

At this year’s ice dancing final in the Olympics, the lyrical, elegant French team, Papadakis and Cizeron, danced to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, while tacky Canadians Moir and Virtue gyrated and gesticulated to The Police pop hit about a prostitute. Even The Canadian Press was scandalized  by the couple’s bawdy moves. Ultimately, nobody cares. We’re all soulless and brain dead from too much hyped up sex and sensationalism. The 5o Shades of ice dancing won the gold. Even the Olympics has turned to cheesy porn maneuvers in the hunt for GOLD.

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New Quinnipiac poll:

Democrats  lead by 15 points in the generic House ballot matchup, 53-38.

Democrats lead among independents by 11 points, 47-36.

The trend shows the Democrat lead has *expanded* in the last month.

Eat the Rich for Breakfast

by kara on February 20, 2018



I am dropping in just to spout off on this one thing

via Vanity Fair

Please tell us again how the poor blahs caused the housing market crash by taking out mortgages on homes they couldn’t afford.
Can we put a moratorium on the narrative that the rich are rich because they are SMART? And good with money? Don’t know about you, but I don’t know too many folks in Normal People World who’ve blown a billion dollars. Anyone I personally know could give away 95% of a billion dollars and still live their Dream Life.

 Right. Anyone that needs more than $50 million to live a good life ain’t gonna live such a good  life.

To be fair, JarHead  didn’t actually “blow” a billion dollars; he just got some papers moving some stuff around electronically. Probably money laundering for Russian mafia, just like his father in law. I swear, these guys are criminals beyond anything we can currently imagine. When it all comes out, I think it’ll involve murder and child sex trafficking and who knows what else.


That’s it,




A. Pelosi resigned
B. Hillary didn’t run
C. Bernie
D. we stopped fighting for reproductive rights
E. we ignored the Black Lives Matter movement
F. we admitted welfare fraud exists
G. we expanded the welfare state
H. we raised taxes
I. we cut taxes
J. we focused more on social issues and less on “class warfare”
K. we focused more on economic issues and less on “identity politics”
L. we turn racist and promise them things we won’t deliver.
M. trans men and women just held it in and didn’t have to pee in public restrooms

Blame the Chick!

by kara on June 22, 2017






Have you asked yourself lately:

“Have Democrats exhibited any kind of a learning curve from last year’s Bernie vs Hillary debacle which–even though it was mostly fueled by trolls from Russia or, alternatively, from Koch headquarters in Kansas–dominated the dialogue for weeks on end and weakened the Democrats just when they needed to be strong?”

Check out the noise on the Twitterverse and you’ll get your answer. Jon Ossoff was supposed to win 300% of the vote in the heavily Republican (R+20!) 6th District of Georgia, but instead of that, asshole Republican Karen Handel and Republican super PACs said Ossoff was a San Francisco Values Nancy Lesbian Pelosi, and because they wouldn’t stop saying her name, Ossoff lost like a regular Hillary Clinton, and this means the Democratic brand is DEAD, just like Republican pollster Frank Luntz said.

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My Miss Nancy

by kara on June 22, 2017

It is no secret that we at Teen Sleuth Incorporated love Nancy Pelosi very muchNancy Pelosi has always been in my top list of politicians that have ZERO FUCKS TO GIVE. Even when the house flipped she still was trying to rag doll the GOP like a pit bull. Nancy Pelosi is a badass liberal California womyn who drives Republicans up the god-dang wall, and also she knows how to whip the vote real good-like.

Remember when drunk old John Boehner turned 65-drunk-ass-years-old, and Nancy Pelosi tweetered him a birthday greeting abut “HAHA U R ON MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY NOW”? It’s funny because Republicans like Boehner are always trying to kill those things! Oh and remember when Nancy “celebrated” Paul Ryan’s return to Congress in 2012, by making a special video of a bunch of times Ryan made words stupid with his purty mouth?And when she chuckle-snorted about Ryan being a stone-cold weenus who’s too scared to answer questions about big mean tiny-pawed Donald TrumP. Well played, ma’am, WELL PLAYED.

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