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Probably the thing conservatives say that I hate most is the perfidious claim that whatever horrifying thing they are advocating doing is for the benefit of “future generations” (if their are any). Like, if you’re more worried about some people getting a little lower priced private health insurance, or what bathroom someone uses, than you are about climate change, just stop pretending your kids’ future is your big concern.

Back in 2010ish, ghoulish, feather-brained lunatic Mitt Romney literally said to a crowd of other humans that helping victims of storms (tornado, floods, wildfires, droughts and other biblical plagues had been killing Americans and destroying their towns all year),  is “immoral”,and they should not receive any governmental assistance. He argued that it is

“simply immoral for there to be deficit spending that could harm future generations”.

This visually thrilling video by 27 year-old Prince Ea, apologies to future generations for what we are doing, and not doing, to the planet today. The video contains lots of great thought-provoking quotes and you ought to watch it.

So conservative old folks  – who won’t even be alive to reap the horrors of conservatives inaction on environmental issues –  don’t worry about us, the “future generations”, we will be fine. It’s okay if you don’t agree with all this science stuff,  just get out of our way.

Is the real downfall of America rooted in apathetic voters? We’ve worked long and hard to promote the idea that politicians are all the same, all politicians are self-serving corrupt liars, the two parties are the same, and it doesn’t matter whether you vote or not.  The apathy of the US voter has been carefully cultivated by promoting these beliefs. Beliefs — sometimes known as schemas — guide behavior. If an individual truly believes that a specific action will not be beneficial, then it is less likely that that action will not be taken. The caveat is that education and academia are suspicious at best and lying self-serving corrupt delusional socialists at worst and opinion is as good as any fact or baseless opinion is as good as informed opinion or that intuition is as good as reasoning…..I dunno, has it all come together to produce this perfect storm of sniveling self-serving narcissists ascending to office to implement policies that are emotionally appealing only to those who are afraid and are sure that their way of life will change tomorrow by outsiders invading their turf? The powers that be promote these beliefs as well as other structural impediments in an attempt to suppress the vote so that only a minority of voters who will vote in predictable ways will vote. Who knows, it’s ;ate, good night.

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Republican New Jersey governor Christ Christie has been to twenty-nine Springsteen concerts.

Bruce Springsteen’s oft-revisited themes of hard work, faith, and America, are all things wingnuts think that they love, but then The Boss reminds everyone that he supports unions and peace and is a passionate advocate for the rights of the disenfranchised, and they just don’t understand how he could think those things when he seems to start from the same place that they do. So, they usually just say he became a politically correct Hollyweird liberal once he got rich and famous, and that he hasn’t been relevant since the 1970’s (when he was still Real). Because, after all, it isn’t difficult for these barely-sentient balls of rage to distort their own perceptions of reality.

As one of the most misinterpreted songs ever, the song’s become a de facto feel-good election season anthem for politicians nationwide. The patriotic rallying-cry of a cold warrior was invoked by Ronald Raygun, campaigning in 1984. Except of course, it wasn’t exactly the “idealism and optimism” that the Reagan campaign was searching for.

In a 2005 interview with National Public Radio. Said Bruce:

“This was when the Republicans first mastered the art of co-opting anything and everything that seemed fundamentally American, and if you were on the other side, you were somehow unpatriotic. I make American music, and I write about the place I live and who I am in my lifetime. Those are the things I’m going to struggle for and fight for.”

I remember when “Born in the USA” came out, and it was cathartic for veterans at a time when Vietnam still couldn’t be mentioned, and vets were getting the shaft both from the left and the right. And then Bruce came along. And at first, all the wingnuts were pretty darn sure he was a Rightwing Patriot Hero, because, American Flag! Blue Jeans! Vets! And then he wasn’t, and they could not figure out how a guy could write an anthem for war veterans and not be all rah rah yay yahoo War! It took them forever to finally wrap their tiny little craniums around that one.

Except the vets. The vets always understood.

Dead Man Walking?

by kara on April 6, 2016

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talks with the media as he stops in for breakfast at Miss Katie's Diner, while campaigning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin April 3, 2016. REUTERS/Darren Hauck - RTSDE1E

Is it just me or has Trump aged ten years in a couple of weeks? He keeps bronzing and bronzing, but it doesn’t disguise the fact that he’s fatter, more wrinkly, bags under his eyes, and his eyebrows are as out-of-control as Andy Rooney’s. His facial expressions scream constipation, and he bellows like he’s melting down over badly behaved children. Hunter Thompson characterized the condition as “Campaign Bloat”. I think that it’s finally dawned on Trump that he might be in over his head. Maybe he will use his ailing health as an excuse to withdraw from the race. A brokered convention could give him a heart attack.


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The irony of what Dumptruck Trump said about abortion (other than the fact that he himself has paid for so many abortions, you’d think he’d be just fine with everyone getting one), is that if you truly believe that abortion is murder, then he makes perfect sense. If you murder someone, then you’re a murderer, and therefore of course you should be punished. The “abortion doctors” aren’t hunting down women on the streets and attacking them with abortions. Hence, we ought to be literally throwing tens of millions of American women in jail. The cost of jailing all these past “murderers” and the cost of raising all those beautiful new fetuses will finish bankrupting America. Thanks, Republicans, for one brilliant idea after another one.

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by kara on March 25, 2016

Governor Chris Christie: “Same-Day Voter Registration Is a “Trick” and GOP Needs to Win Gubernatorial Races So They Control “Voting Mechanisms”

Fran Millar: “Georgia Senator Complains About Polling Place Being Too Convenient for Black Voters”

Doug Preis: An Ohio GOP Chair Says We Shouldn’t Accommodate the “Urban — Read African-American — Voter-Turnout Machine”

Greg Abbott: Texas AG Says Partisan Districting Decisions Are Legal, Even if There Are “Incidental Effects” on Minority Voters


Ted Yoho: Only Property Owners Should Vote


Bill Moyers

Handling Protestors 101

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