A. Pelosi resigned
B. Hillary didn’t run
C. Bernie
D. we stopped fighting for reproductive rights
E. we ignored the Black Lives Matter movement
F. we admitted welfare fraud exists
G. we expanded the welfare state
H. we raised taxes
I. we cut taxes
J. we focused more on social issues and less on “class warfare”
K. we focused more on economic issues and less on “identity politics”
L. we turn racist and promise them things we won’t deliver.
M. trans men and women just held it in and didn’t have to pee in public restrooms

Blame the Chick!

by kara on June 22, 2017






Have you asked yourself lately:

“Have Democrats exhibited any kind of a learning curve from last year’s Bernie vs Hillary debacle which–even though it was mostly fueled by trolls from Russia or, alternatively, from Koch headquarters in Kansas–dominated the dialogue for weeks on end and weakened the Democrats just when they needed to be strong?”

Check out the noise on the Twitterverse and you’ll get your answer. Jon Ossoff was supposed to win 300% of the vote in the heavily Republican (R+20!) 6th District of Georgia, but instead of that, asshole Republican Karen Handel and Republican super PACs said Ossoff was a San Francisco Values Nancy Lesbian Pelosi, and because they wouldn’t stop saying her name, Ossoff lost like a regular Hillary Clinton, and this means the Democratic brand is DEAD, just like Republican pollster Frank Luntz said.

This is the truth if you listen to an extremely annoying contingent of snowflake Democrats and non-Democrats who apparently don’t know how to read election data, and who seem to literally think that because Democrats lost this year’s special elections, Nancy Pelosi should crawl under a rock and die because A) IT’S HER FAULT and B) Those were totally winnable races, as long as you don’t study them too closely and apply math.

Let’s run through some quotes from Pelosi haters real quick, so that we may learn from their combined centuries of experience in Democratic politics:

“We need leadership change,” New York Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice told CNN outside the House chamber. “It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to go, and the entire leadership team.” […]

MA Dem Rep. Seth ASSHOLE Moulton: “This is certainly something that we have to discuss because it’s clear that, I think, across the board in the Democratic Party we need new leadership. It’s time for a new generation of leadership in the party.”

[Ohio Rep. Tim] Ryan told reporters Wednesday “there’s a level of depression” among members and said bluntly, “Our brand is toxic.”


“I think you’d have to be an idiot to think we could win the House with Pelosi at the top,” said Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas), who supported Pelosi in her last leadership race. “Nancy Pelosi is not the only reason that Ossoff lost. But she certainly is one of the reasons.”

Those I will call The Dumb Democrats (sometimes not even Democrats at all, but third party usurpers), themselves are now regurgitating Republican attack lines. Harken back to many of the criticisms of Hillary Clinton uttered during the Democratic primary campaign by Bernie Sanders and others traced their lineage to Republican condemnations against her and her husband that had been first trotted out in the 1990s. Now, with Pelosi, “progressives” are  integrating GOP attacks against her — that she is “out of touch with white working-class voters” and that she personifies far-left social values because she’s from San Francisco. Simply by being Nancy Pelosi and living in a place that has become a symbolic battering ram for attacking liberals, she’s suddenly a liability.

Did you know that there was a House Democratic caucus meeting last week, and Nancy Pelosi had the utter audacity to say that, even though they lost this year’s special elections, Democrats are lookin’ good in a lot of other districts currently held by Republicans? What the fuck, Nancy, with your “facts” and shit? What good are they even? “Facts” are for the “establishment,” a convenient label we use for whomever we feel like attacking that day!

In each of the four races — all of which were in districts NEVER seriously contested by Democrats, because they are BLOOD RED — the Democratic candidates all made historically good showings. In the Kansas race to replace Republican Mike Pompeo, now Trump’s CIA director, the Democrat only lost by 7 points. In November, Pompeo won re-election by THIRTY FUCKING GODDAMN POINTS.

Quist and Ossoff were candidates lacking experience and gravitas who outperformed. And look at the time horizon for Ossoff and Quist. How long did they have to campaign? We have 18 months until the 2018 elections. We are going to organize the fuck out of ourselves by then. We made double digit gains over 2016 results in every one of the special elections- an average 8% gain over Cook PVI. Extrapolate that to 50 states, rather than 4 deep red districts and it could be an 80 seat flip. As long as the Bernie/Nation Magazine loser set doesn’t fuck us up, if we’re not too busy worrying about the spacing of the circular firing sqaud.

Shouldn’t we ignore Pelosi’s years of experience as an incredibly effective leader — hey you know that Obamacare you’re fighting to save right now? Nancy built that — and choose a new leader, so the GOP can start branding that person as a Hippiesexual Abortionista Muslim? Don’t we need a fucking FRESH START???????

(History sidenote: In 2009, when the shoe was on the other foot, there were special elections in the House to replace Obama appointees, and the GOP didn’t pick up any of those seats either. Yet in 2010, the GOP cleaned fucking house in the Teabagger midterms, so we guess those special elections weren’t an indication that the GOP brand was completely dead in 2009. But this is DIFFERENT! Because REASONS! And those reasons definitely do not have anything to do with SEXISM).






The Bros and ne-liberals say that we need to start listening to our Republican friends and take their suggestions to heart because they want what’s best for us, you know!

The Brogressive Problem is here and it is real. We can not stand by and ignore it any longer or wish it away. I don’t care if you supported Bernie Sanders last year. This shit is real and is happening now and is a huge threat to our collective standing as women of consequence in this country,

Look at the people Republicans attack the most, and there you find our most effective leaders. That’s why they attack them. DUH! The idea that Dems should ditch someone because Republicans don’t like them is so illogical. And the Bros take the bait every. single. time.

Republicans have a convenient foil in Nancy Pelosi, but if she’s removed, they’ll just find a new foil. They’re horrible nasty people and their base voters are idiots

Democrats do not need to change faces, because the Republicans’ billion-dollar round-the-clock smear machine will just shoot Republican shitwads all over the new face, whoever it may belong to. They shush Kamala Harris and call Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” and  Fox News is never more than one rage fit away from calling Maxine Waters the N-word.

Now remember when the “Liberal” “Young Turks” reporter had his microphone-holding hand tapped by 78-year-old African American Congress Lady Maxine Waters, and then acted as if it were a violent assault on the press?

Perhaps no one in the Bernout squad is worse than Jimmy Dore. Stupid, sexist, smug, unfunny, vicious, he spends a to of his free time targeting whichever women happens to be draining attention away from Bernie. 

Right. Maybe don’t tell us who gives a fuck about us, shitferbrains.

There’s an actual reason they hate Nancy Pelosi, which is that she’s good at her job. The woman who never lost a vote when she had the gavel-not ONE!- is now toxic? Gee, kind of like the most experienced, intelligent and best candidate to ever run for POTUS. One would think that Democrats despise strong women as much as the GOP does…nah….

Do you really believe Republicans would be terrified of a new Democratic leader without Pelosi’s decades of experience in keeping a caucus together? If so, READ A BOOK. READ A FUCKING BOOK.

Nancy Pelosi  held a presser the other day and specifically responded to Trump’s tweet about her, saying “Usually they go after the most effective leaders because they want to diminish the opportunity that we have.” AYUP! She added:

“I am proud of the unity that we have had and, frankly, my leadership in terms of keeping everybody together,” she said.

“I think I’m worth the trouble.”

If I didn’t love her already, “I think I’m worth the trouble” would’ve sold me. More women need to say that. And we need to hear it, too. This narrative of “women leaders/women’s repro rights/women generally are just too damn much trouble, so let’s ditch/downplay/ignore them” has been ongoing, and it’s so damn disheartening. We ARE worth the trouble, all of us.

Nancy Pelosi has been an unapologetic liberal who has repeatedly shown her willingness to hold the house dem base together behind her. The reason Obamacare isn’t as awesome as it could have been had nothing to do with Nancy Pelosi.

BUT, it is always the woman’s fault, right? Hillary’s fault, now it’s Pelosi’s fault. They will just go down the line and go after women. They are already going after Liz Warren and Kamala Harris. It is always the uppity women and that damn black man, it comes down to that every time. Blaming the scary vagetarian in potential power is going to be 100% of the gameplan going into 2018. That’s all they will be running on. Any respectable liberal should be embarrassed to be falling for this shit.

Misogyny is a virus, has the capacity to mutate, and is infectious, which is why public life is so toxic for women today. It sometimes becomes dormant – usually when the economy is humming along ok – but it never really goes away. The New Misogyny has spread fast this past year, I have never known a time when woman-hating has been so seething or so widespread.

The New Misogyny is particularly vicious, almost gleefully cruel to a point that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago, aided by the Internet, a cauldron of cruelty and vitriol.. There is plenty of evidence of misogyny from Roman poetry in the first century BC to last week’s NY Times Sunday Styles section. But it always seemed somewhat tenable because equality legislation was zooming in and job opportunities were opening up. I counted myself lucky to have missed out on witch trials, the selling of women into slavery, and the goddamn 1950’s. I never imagined that it would be commonplace to see photographs of bearded men in Syria, crammed into the back of trucks under a sinister black flag, Yazidi girls being sold in slave markets in the Isis stronghold of Raqqa. Or Boko Haram, a terrorist organisation so implacably opposed to girls’ education that it kidnaps schoolgirls and forces them into sexual slavery. I never thought I’d see Bill Cosby, the country’s biggest serial rapist, walking free.

Tragically and inexplicably, the presence of women in powerful positions seems to unleash misogyny rather than curb it. Hillary Clinton’s attempt to win the presidential election was accompanied by a campaign of breathtaking cruelty. Republican conventioneers ramped up the misogyny with witch-hu nting chants of “Lock her up!”  Woman-hating has come roaring back, borne on a tide of Donald Trump, Twitter, Reddit, Bernie Bros, The Young Turks, “economic anxiety”, and religious extremism.

IF ONLY Nancy Pelosi didn’t exist, and Kathy Griffin wouldn’t have done that thing, and that psycho wouldn’t have shot up that ballpark in Virginia, and there hadn’t been torrential storms in Georgia on election day, and The South wasn’t a hotbed of white identity politics and people actually understood political policy and basic civics, and critical thinking was still a thing, and the most reliable portion of the electorate hadn’t seceded from reality 30-years ago, and politically correct suburban ninnies weren’t so easily dismayed by their perception of what sort of pagan rituals happen in the streets of San Francisco, then everyone would realize that my own personal political preferences are the most popular and winningest ideas ever and would solve every single problem immediately. It’s obvious, but goddamn it if corporatist neoliberals just can’t get out of the way so that I can finally shine effortlessly like the flawless jewel I was born to be. I mean if REAL progressives like Rob Quist and Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn can lose their elections then there’s nothing that will stop me if only everything went exactly as I demanded. Why doesn’t anyone listen to real progressives?

If the Democratic party would just give in to sexism and racism, throw women and LBGT people and non-Christians all under the bus, and only allow straight white men to run for office, then surely all the poor white people would suddenly start voting for Democrats because they’re all secret socialists who are just turned away by “identity politics.” By the way, of course I voted for Bernie in the primary and then stayed home out of pique in the general rather than vote for that bitch neoliberal Hillary who dared to steal the election from The Messiah just by getting more votes when she didn’t even have a penis like him.

Yes, I have a LOT of contempt for opportunistic, sexist, ageist jerks who would weaken effective Democratic leadership in the House. The old lady jokes, the pantsuit and facelift jokes, from the same dipshits who think the white-haired 73-yr-old socialist got screwed outta being the preznink. For years, Hillary Clinton hit number one on the most admired woman in the world. Every time she ran for office, she dropped out of the list. And women in the Democratic Party seem to draw this hatred more than men (Harry Reid did receive his share of claims he was incompetent when he was not).

Fucking liberals always with this shit. Republicans demonize a politician. Their attacks are often horrendous and untrue; but GOP voters believe them and develop an instinctual hatred of said politician. The Dumb Democrats become convinced that they must react to these often irrational beliefs, party infighting ensues, with said party leader disparaged and dismissed.

Remember when Obamacare passed and so many of the Dem reps in the House were skittish and nervous cuz of all the bullshit Tea Party rage rallies and oh hey – we fucking got our asses handed to us anyways in the mid terms? Because we didn’t stick together and line up behind our President Bamz and defend the ACA come hell or high water.

Remember 2012 when all the squeamish Dems ran away from Obama like the craven cowards that they are? How’d that work out? Bamz comfortably won reelection and most of the ones not willing to stand up for their party, their platform, their leader, their accomplishments – got sent home.

Remember how the GOP got rid of Boner and McTurtleface in 2009 after getting their asses handed to them by Bamz? Remember how they kicked Newt and Huckster and all the rest to the curb? Remember how the GOP moved to the left to try to woo Dem voters? Me neither… Why? Because they’re not neurotic, self destructive morons (technically, they are Morans), constantly looking for ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Let’s learn ONE thing from Republicans, OK? They close ranks and support each other when IT MATTERS. And result? Donald fucking Trump is president. Ok? They ALL hate the fucker but they ALL voted for him. But us? Oh no. We have to have that one guy and if not him, we will protest vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson – literal MORONS – and effectively split our motherfucking base and then yell at each other forever cuz Hillary lost, blaming all the other women in the party and never the motherfucking guy who ran against the party while running IN the party.

Can we please get a fucking grip? Kicking out Pelosi – the one who got Obama’s agenda enacted so effectively – would be epic stepping on our own lady dicks. Can we not do that please?  How about all the bills she shepherded through hostile territory. How about the fact that despite being minority leader she has consistently outmaneuvered the GOP over the years? You blame her for the 2010 midterm losses, based upon what? Yet you don’t give her credit for taking over the House in 2006- funny how that works. She’s a fundraising juggernaut. And here you are parroting the Bernie Bro bullshit about “corporatist” while at the same time whining about the PR problem of her being too liberal- WHICH ONE IS IT?

If you need any more convincing that letting Pelosi go would be a disaster – fucking Trump and Gingrich and Huckabee egging us on. We’re being trolled by the trolls. 

Gives new meaning to “Russian Drones.”

The first thing that will happen will be immense pressure on the new leader to compromise and give in to the GOP to demonstrate bipartisanship. And this will be abetted and enabled by the bothsider MSM villagers. By the time it’s over, you’ll either have another feisty version of Pelosi who will be demonized just like she is and become the new poster child for “libtards” or you’ll get a squishy, ineffective quisling to lead us. Pelosi has been doing what she can in an INSANE political environment. I ask you to tell us who would have been better? What should have been differently? And, as always, your faction of the party ignores gerrymandering, voter suppression, and every other underhanded trick.

This is real simple folks- know why Handel won and Gianforte won and Estes won? BECAUSE THEY ARE REPUBLICANS RUNNING IN DEEP RED AREAS. This isn’t a messaging failure, it’s not the DNC’s fault, it’s not Pelosi’s fault, it’s not even the candidates’ fault. The only thing they could have done to possibly win would have been to run as Republicans.______-R will beat _____-D in those places EVERY FUCKING TIME. Republicans vote for Republicans.  They are so tribal that their party has become the world’s biggest cult. They would literally vote for Satan-R over Jeebus-D because they are that brainwashed. But instead of recognizing the huge gains we made in those places and the enormous closing of the partisan gaps that got everyone excited about a suddenly competitive race in the first place, Dems are doing their usual circular firing squad bullshit, running around with their hair on fire, looking for some knee jerk solution to “fix” something, anything, no matter how much collateral damage they cause in the process

WHAT THIS IS is a blatant power play by the Berniecrat contingent to clear the deck for one of their own, with all the ugliness and misogyny it invokes. I mean, seriously? Pelosi lost the elections? Seriously? the GOP wouldn’t find another convenient foil to run against if she didn’t exist? Seriously? the party that turned a mild mannered centrist Dem into a Kenyan socialist monster in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood to take away your guns and force you to ghey marry your dog wouldn’t be able to invent another boogeyman? This sums up everything that is wrong with today’s politics. The Right blunders forward, right or wrong, they DGAF because they are winning. Meanwhile The Left actually manages to accomplish a few things, then fucks it all up by questioning everything they’ve done, going full blown purity pony because it’s never “good enough” and wallowing in self doubt. The MSM runs with the cherished meme of “Dems in disarray” like a cat on meth with a 5 gallon bucket of catnip. And the stupid people don’t digest 90% of this but decide to vote for the snake oil salesman because he shows confidence and never apologizes or admits he’s wrong…

Dems have been told endlessly that “we” don’t want “experience” because they are “entrenched in the corrupt power structure” or something. The fuck?  Dems HAVE been trying new techniques and strategies and candidates. They HAVE been doing something other than “talk about Trump” and tried to steer the conversation back to “the issues.” But they’re not “the issues” that Republicans or Faux-Bro-Progressives use to build their strawmen on so no one pays attention (notice that in these self-righteous scoldings, none of them actually expounds on any “issues” with any significance either?) Just to add for people who (supposedly) hate focus on “the horse race” they certainly are participating in itto the exclusion of all else (I guess they just found one high enouh to ride on.)

Notice how whenever the polls are looking good for the Democrat, it’s because the country is mad and is responding to Bernie’s positive message, and then when the Democrat loses, it’s because some female Democrat was in over her head and needs to be ousted?


Republicans used to be an ordinary mainstream political party; then they became a hyper-partisan political party; then they became a soul-dead cult; and now they are in the process of becoming a dangerous, potentially violent, fascist mass movement.

You don’t fight people like that with circular firing squads. Democrats need to get fierce and unafraid. Like Nancy Pelosi at her best.

NO, we will not abandon the party’s best $$$ raiser & consensus builder cause Republicans and Bernie Bros s don’t like a Democratic woman that gets things done

The Republicans are actual fascists, so Democrats need not to be forming a circular firing squad. You do fight them with ferocity, higher intellect and with unity. Fight for the Democratic safety net that the Republicans are about to demolish. Fight for the country and the constitution that the Republicans are about to destroy (have you read about the Kochs’ plans for a constitutional convention? the thing about Republicans destroying our constitution is actually a thing).

Fight for the people who are going to suffer and die, if the dark money Republicans are not stopped in their tracks. One of them could be me. Or you.

This aggression against us women will not stand.


My Miss Nancy

by kara on June 22, 2017

It is no secret that we at Teen Sleuth Incorporated love Nancy Pelosi very muchNancy Pelosi has always been in my top list of politicians that have ZERO FUCKS TO GIVE. Even when the house flipped she still was trying to rag doll the GOP like a pit bull. Nancy Pelosi is a badass liberal California womyn who drives Republicans up the god-dang wall, and also she knows how to whip the vote real good-like.

Remember when drunk old John Boehner turned 65-drunk-ass-years-old, and Nancy Pelosi tweetered him a birthday greeting abut “HAHA U R ON MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY NOW”? It’s funny because Republicans like Boehner are always trying to kill those things! Oh and remember when Nancy “celebrated” Paul Ryan’s return to Congress in 2012, by making a special video of a bunch of times Ryan made words stupid with his purty mouth?And when she chuckle-snorted about Ryan being a stone-cold weenus who’s too scared to answer questions about big mean tiny-pawed Donald TrumP. Well played, ma’am, WELL PLAYED.

Despite incessant  attempts to malign her during her tenure as Speaker of the House, Nancy was arguably the most effective person in that post in U.S. history, with an extraordinary set of accomplishments over a brief period of time.

Pelosi faced a House so divided along party lines that she couldn’t count on a single Republican vote for legislation–which means that she had to wrangle fellow Democrats to demonstrate a discipline and unity they have not been famous for. Out of that unity emerged a record of public policy triumphs unmatched since the Great Society legislation of the 1960s:

Health-care reform. Financial reform. Ethics reform.

A $787 billion stimulus.

The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. A minimum wage increase. Student aid. Extending health coverage to 11 million children.

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

All of this legislation was very important to women and reflected Pelosi’s feminist values. “She is for women’s rights unequivocally,” says Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation (and publisher of Ms.).

Rep. Jan Schakowsky describes her as “absolutely the strongest, most disciplined and focused person I’ve ever met.” Pelosi’s still got the platform, the guts and the smarts to keep the accomplishments of her tenure from being dismantled. Knowing how she stood up to withering attacks and seemingly insurmountable political odds, we’re placing bets on her.

Recently, Donald Trump called Ms. Nancy “incompetent”. Let’s see

  • Nancy Pelosi led her caucus to vote 60 times to repeal Obamacare, and then when she actually had a president who wouldn’t veto an Obamacare repeal … could no longer get her caucus to repeal Obamacare.
  • Nancy Pelosi promised a bill to replace Obamacare for seven years and still doesn’t have a bill to replace Obamacare.
  • Nancy Pelosi couldn’t talk her own caucus down from shutting down the government, over Obamacare.

JUST KIDDING! Those incompetent people were all either Paul Ryan or John Boehner, NOT NANCY PELOSI. But sure, let’s blame Pelosi for the fact that Democrats are FOR SURE about to go the way of the Whigs, and don’t in fact have millions more voters in the country than Republicans do, because it’s mos def her fault the state legislatures in 2010 all gerrymandered the fuck out of their Congressional districts so that millions more votes translated to hundreds fewer House seats.

AND YET, over in the twittersphere, there continues a perverse power play by the Berniecrat wing of the Democratic Party to marginalize Dame Kamala Harris, Hillz (who isn’t even running for anything), and My Miss Nancy. Inexplicably, they are using John Ossoff’s loss as the reason Nancy Pelosi has to go (why, out of all factors involved it’s her fault is a goddamn mystery). So, evidently Nancy Pelosi the reason Ossof lost. Because reasons.

Maybe it’s because of how the Republicans have demonized her, so it’s best to just get rid of her, (as they surely won’t just demonize someone else).

Maybe because if they don’t blame her they’ll have to take a good hard look at Bernie.

I keep asking them which one of Bernie’s picks has done as well as John Ossoff, I’ll let you know when one of them answers.  I’m sure it will be any minute now.

The bros do not like strong women. Lizzy W was always their ‘one black friend’ inoculation until she betrayed them by not shitting on Hillary in 2016 , when they turned on her like a pack of rabid hyenas. It’s all part of wresting control of the party for one Bernie Sanders – they’re not interested in sharing power or ideas or a platform, much like extreme members of that other political party we keep complaining about.

Sorry, fake lefties who have demanded Nancy Pelosi step down, while also taking $4 million investments from Republicans, but, you know, it’s everyone else who’s corrupted by money, not them. Seriously, FUCK THE YOUNG TURKS.

The ladies are done with your shit, gentlemen. Sit down. TEEN SLEUTH OUT.

Teen Sleuth did not get $4 million from A SINGLE Republican, AND zero ads.

Vincente Fox Video Drop

by kara on May 24, 2017

Weaponized Misinformation

by kara on May 19, 2017

The hardest part of 11/9 for most of us to understand was how so many people could have ACTUALLY VOTED FOD DONALD TRUMP, and accepting that we have a REALLY BIG PROBLEM in that we have a large percentage of the popularance who simply refused to accept reality. They live in a fantasy world where any facts that don’t match their beliefs are “Fake News”. How the hell do you debate these people? I know several people including people with real jobs with responsibilies who believe Obama wasnt born in America.

It’s Weaponized Misinformation. Retired whit men – even ones who were basically smartish when they were still working – have the TV on Fox since constantly. They fell for that Time magazine “Ice Age” cover hoax, even using it in arguments to prove that there is no evidence of global warming. They are so sure that it was true, I guess, because the message has been repeated so many times and so loudly that they just believe it now. This isn’t an accident, it is a deliberate effort to form wrong beliefs in otherwise good people and it OUGHT TO BE A FELONY. They have been literally brainwashed to the extent that if they hear it on Fox, it’s true and if they repeat it, they’ve won the debate.

You cannot debate the. Sure, you can try to point out the fallacies, but you simply cannot compete with 24 hours of screaming skulls on the idiot box. I think these Fox News watcher guys truly believe that they have some kind of special insight into things that other people don’t have, because they, very clearly, believe they are super special to begin with. They are also constantly surrounded by a buffer of other people who believe they are right about everything. If you have a bunch of people constantly telling you that you are right, you probably have no reason to believe you are wrong. They are not unlike the burgeoning number of Flat Earthers. People aren’t just “flat earthers” because they believe the world is flat. The primary draw there is feeling like you and all your other friends are so very clever that you have figured something out that no “expert” could previously do. You are smarter than the so-called experts, who have the gall to call you stupid and poorly informed. That feels better than just agreeing with the “experts.” It’s also the appeal of a guys like Alex Jones (“fake news” purveyor, procurer, and also a pimp/exposer of Hillary Clinton’s child sex ring/professional exorcist/ trucker-speed salesman), actually semi-apologized for  Pizzagate, but did so by blaming other media outlets and trying to suggest that they took it as seriously as he did. Which, Breitbart aside, they did not.

There are also usually some existing prejudices and regional antagonisms, which are exacerbated by the splintering of media, so they seek out those which validate them. If they live in a mostly lily-white rural area, and some of the things they keep hearing about “big cities” – and in particular the minority populations there – bear very little resemblance to what those of us who have spent years living in them know to be true. It’s exacerbated by Fox News telling them what they want to hear. Add in that most of these places are experiencing a decline in population, as well as watching the better-paid jobs that used to not require much in the way of education disappear, and they’ll lash out at what they “think” is the cause.

We’ve all known people who believe these kinds of things, who will smugly  instruct you to “Do your research!”, as if they are so much smarter and better at looking things up than you are. More often than not, this “research” involves watching Fox News lunatics coming up with absurd theories that make no sense. But being “in the know” — especially when you are someone that people have never thought of as an intellectual powerhouse — is a powerful, powerful drug. I wish all the teevee stations went off the air at midnight and test patterns were all you could see, like it was when I was a kid. The hungry maw of 24/7 content always needs feeding, so this is the poisonous junk we get.

Thing is though, I think that many actual journalists and legitimate media outlets, being of rational mind like you and I, see this fake news mongering as a peripheral phenomenon. I mean, who doesn’t have a batshit crazy uncle or in-law or whatever, right? I’m not sure that the MM realize how truly pandemic this really is. You keep reassuring yourself that anyone with sound mind couldn’t reasonably believe this kind of crap but when you see that ‘unhinged’ look in the eyes of one of your love ones when they’re spouting off about this tripe, it’s shocking because you can see that they’re actually ‘white knuckling’ it and will continue to do so even with bloody fingers. It has literally become their ‘raison d’être’…It’s truly alarming.

I don’t remember life-afflicting imbecile jackasses on this level being interviewed on broadcast news or really given any platform at all when I was a kid. I don’t remember it in the 70s either. In the eighties, people like Schlafly or Falwell were about as baleful as it got. WHAT THE HELL CHANGED? Say, when was that pesky thing about journalisms ethics thingy thing struck down? Fairness Doctrine or such what? With symbolic perfection, it was Reagan who got rid of it. Remember, he convinced people that trees cause pollution. AND THEN “MY OPINION COUNTS AS MUCH AS YOUR FACT” BECAME A THING.

Trump burns up air time and American people’s valuable time that could be spend doing ANYTHING ELSE,  bitching about the media and how it it is FAKE, and about how the longstanding journalistic necessity of using unnamed sources is incorrect and immoral:

“I’m against the people that make up stories and make up sources. They shouldn’t be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody’s name. Let their name be put out there. Let their name be put out”.

Wait, are the sources “made-up,” or are they unnamed? God, he is so stupid. “A source says that Donald Trump is a horrible, horrible yoo-man being.” Let ’em say it to my face! All sources say that. Saying it to yr face right now, Pussgrab Snowflake Fcker”. “No unnamed sources” is funny because Trump gets his lumpy knickers all a-twist about unnamed sources when they say things that are mean, or things he doesn’t want the American public to know. For instance, he’s all wee-weed up about the “unnamed sources” that told the failing New York Times and fake news CNN that his presidential campaign was in “constant contact” with the Russians last year. Trump’s people even went to the FBI to cry and beg them to be “unnamed sources” and tell the media that all the Russia stories are lies! Wait what?  It’s OK to do “unnamed sources” when it benefits Trump? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Basically, “Real News” does whatever the fck Trump administration wants it to, after all, which is why all reporting the president doesn’t like is “Fake”. I mean, CNN is often really REALLY DUMB news, but it’s almost never completely fake, at least not since they stopped wondering whether a black hole eated the airliner. Now all Trump needs to do is feel slighted a little more, whine about fake news, and avidly watch CNN some more to see if they talk about Donald Trump enough. E’s saying he has a right to a free propaganda outlet, basically.

“Fake News”, according to Trump and Fox news is:

The New York Times
The Washington Post
NBC News
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All of these Fake News sites hide their lies behind their “sources”, “quotes” and “facts”. They only report on things that have happened, instead of looking beyond actual events, peeling back the onion and reporting on the deeper truth that cannot be exposed via “sources”, “quotes” and “facts”.

Since Roger Ailes shed his mortal coil, finally, we have the chance to rebuild the world. (I don’t think that’s too dramatic, because a nuclear-armed world where truth is irrelevant cannot last long.) As we do that, let’s beat them electorally, and mock them mercilessly, and IF they get violent, knock them to Mars.

The End.

by kara on March 29, 2017

Punch a Nazi Today!

by kara on March 29, 2017


by kara on March 22, 2017

I was born with 2 giant sweet teeth sticking out of my head. I have such life long  sugar addiction that for the past 2 months, I have been on a strict sugar blackout. Not a bit of sweetmeat has entered my system. Thus was my state when I went to see a new ballet called “Whipped Cream”, involving a decadent Viennese pastry shop, dancing sweets, and  a revolution by the lower pastry orders.

The original Whipped Cream ballet was called “Schlagobers”, and was a resounding failure at its June 1924 premiere. According to Wayne Heisler, the author of “The Ballet Collaborations of Richard Strauss”:

“Vienna was in a time of economic crisis, and the ballet cost a fortune and was seen as frivolous”. “The score is, in some ways, a great one, Strauss’s masterpiece of high and low art. It’s really honest in that the spectacular aspect of it is not framed as high art or something transcendent.”

The whimsical story follows a boy with an over active sweet tooth who, following his first communion,  joins his friends at a sweetshop, eats too much whipped cream (who here hasn’t stood by the refrigerator door squirting Reddi-Whip into our moths?), falls ill, and has a grand adventure in a land of sweets, not unlike The Nutcracker.

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by kara on March 21, 2017

So, this Republican presidency is shaping up to be like a 7-year-old boy’s vision of what he would do if he was president. He will be a spaceman and a cowboy and the president, and also he will be Hitler, because the 7-year-old boy is damaged. And! He will still be in the reality TV business because somehow he will have time to fit that in between playing on Twitter and going HAHA DUNNO, MAYBE HE’S MAGIC.

The Original Cat Lady

by kara on March 17, 2017


Gertrude of Nivelles depicted with rats, circa 1530.

I was bagging on St Patrick’s Day, like I do, when an Irish Twitter pal clued me into a cat connection. You might think of March 17 as St. Patrick’s Day – when we are all supposed to wear hideous Kelly green, eat raw potatoes with the skin on, guzzle Guinness at 8AM, and make stereotypical and demeaning assumptions about an entire nation, and insulting people women by asking if they have any Irish in them. What you DON’T KNOW, is that March 17th is also the feast day of a lesser-known saint: Gertrude of Nivelles, (unofficial), patron saint of cats.

SO, for cat lovers, airline travelers, insane people, and common gardeners, today, March 17 should be a day of revelry and celebration.

Gertrude became known as the patron saint of gardeners, travelers, widows, recently deceased people, the sick, the poor, the mentally ill, and travelers in search of lodging. But as the centuries wore on, she also became associated with rats. Gertrude was known to pray for the souls of those in Purgatory, and medieval artists often portrayed those souls as mice or rats. She also prayed for the rats that were overrunning the world at the time, to go away, and they did. Because of the great rat exodus, people referred to Gertrude as the patroness of cat lovers. So, yeah, people call upon Gertrude for protection from mice and rats, fever, insanity, and mental illness.

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