Come on, man.

by kara on July 16, 2019

Die on your feet or live on your knees. When a killer asteroid is hurtling towards earth, concern and sternly worded letters aren’t going to help. Nor are Tweets or tears.

As President Obama used to say at times like this, “Come on, man”.

Yes, we all know that this Senate isn’t going to impeach Donald Trump, no matter what the House does. Jesus Christ himself could descend from Heaven in a golden chariot and write “Impeach His Rapist Ass” in fire across the sky, and Republicans would still insist that President Child Rapist was God’s holy anointed leader and Golden Chariot Jesus is Fake News. He’s not going away.

The Nazi child rapist has to be thrown out of office. Yes, investigations are slow by nature, apt to be delayed for reasons, and for now, impeded by the White House saying “fuck you, how many armies do you have?” So how do you proceed with a lawless executive who isn’t bound by the rules?Fuck if I know, maybe you push the rules to the absolute max, use every weapon permitted to you as lethally as possible. Will that work? Fuck me if I know. It’s not my job. I am slamming out a blog post between watching a cartoon animatic and packing for a comic book convention. But, I did work my ass off to help flip the House last year and saw the dollars flying out of my wallet towards every fucking Democratic challenger on the docket. I didn’t just “ride the Blue Wave”, I helped pilot the Blue Wave. The Blue Wave was to put a check on Trump, and that’s sure as shit not happening in any meaningful way. Impeachment proceedings should have started a year ago, and the bullshit and gaming right now is only going to discourage the base and all the youngsters who showed up for mid-terms.

I’m here to help, but it’s not my job. I am beyond frustrated that it sometimes feels like all the smart people are distracted AND that the statement, “I could stand in the middle of fifth avenue shoot somebody and I wouldn’t alienate any voters” seems to be true. We all know now that Trump could literally get away with ANYTHING. He could rape their daughters, steal their money and fuck them over in any multitude of ways and he wouldn’t lose that base. The ONLY thing he could do to lose his base, is to start doing things that were kind, decent, democratic, intelligent, fair, etc. And we all know that this will never happen. The worse Trump gets, the more the base approves and the less the republicans in power care.

My friend Andrew reminded me about the time when the Net Neutrality issue was a big deal, and websites had pop-ups that would say “sign this,” or “call these people” or “we will automate a call on your behalf”. People were freaking out and activated. The media took notice. People flooded the phones of their Reps every day. That’s the tact we need now. I can’t sit around and wait until the next fraudulent election and hope and pray that trump will be voted out (he won’t). I am sick of our congress people doing nothing. I am sick of the tweeting. I am sick of the platitudes and tears. Obviously nothing is going to happen if we don’t force it. We need to be a constant, daily, relentless noise.

Ask your Reps: “what are you doing right NOW to get rid of Trump?” You think healthcare is important? No. Tell me how were dumping Mitch and dumping Trump. You have an idea about loans? About the environment? About the concentration camps? About infrastructure? Immigration? Gun control? College tuition? That’s nice, tell me how you are dumping Mitch and Trump.

Logically I understand that Mitch and the GOP are allowing Trump to run roughshod in order to distract from their gerrymandering, court-rigging, and general plundering. But come on! “It won’t work”, they say. To which I say, “I dunno, I don’t work in government. Figure it the fuck out”.

When Nancy Pelosi says, “well we can’t impeach him/we are going to wait/that’s not on the table” …I mean, that’s a terrible presentation of a narrative. Why not, “we are taking every possible legal step towards impeaching him. he has support of racists, bigots, and oligarchs planted in our own senate who will not support impeachment, but we are determined to demonstrate that Trump is unfit.” Keep Trump on the defensive, make his regressive, racost, party answer for what the hell is going on. They should be calling for congressional hearings every single day over summer vacation. Just as Donald Trump constantly barrages them with bullshit, they should be actively barraging him with legal hearings.

To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States is serious shit to people, because the ideals laid out within ARE the foundation of what enables stable trans-provincial government and transitions of power.Any power can fall, even “we’re #1!” America if we don’t protect our foundations. Hell, that’s precisely why fundagelicals and repukes support the rotten squash in office, because their loyalties aren’t to America, even as they hump the flag. What the fuck else do you think impeachment proceedings are for? It’s not only the right thing to do, political arguments aside, it’s a Constitutionally mandated duty. We’re sure as shit, barring really good luck, not going to uncover even more serious malfeasance without it, not while Barr’s got his entire ass on the scale.

Case in point – it’s not the “president” that’s the problem. It’s #AllRepublicans. Not one of them has the moral values or the balls to step up. That’s why I say, “If it is a Republican, IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER”. Moreover, appointments made by Republicans, judges, cabinet members, dog catchers…Democratic House Reps need to spend less time reading op-eds in the NYT and Washington Post, less time watching pundits on tv and tweeting, and begin spending a lot more time listening to the people who voted in the Blue Wave.

Remember: It’s not the succeeding, it’s the not acceding. For the love of all that is good you simply cannot let this go without a fight if you have an ounce of pride or self respect. “What did you do daddy, when the fascists came”? “Nothing, because the odds were against me, and I didn’t want to alienate moderates”.

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