On Civility

by kara on July 17, 2019

You might think that “condemning racism” would be a fairly straightforward thing, at least if you recently awoke from a long coma.

But when the House of Representatives passed a resolution largely along party lines, 240 to 187, with four Republicans and ex-R Justin Amash voting for the resolution, things quickly descended into fracas and donnybrook. The Republicans insisted the entire resolution, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech in favor of it, violated House rules against calling the president of the USA “racist”. How very uncivil of those barbarian Democrats!

Civility. Civility is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Can’t we discuss locking children up in overcrowded cages civilly? Why must you be so angry about it?

Can’t we discuss black men being systematically murdered by white cops and getting away with it without betting so upset?

Can’t we discuss whether or not gay people deserve civil rights with civility?

Can’t we have a discussion about the bodily autonomy of women without getting so emotional?

Can’t we discuss children dying of preventable diseases because their parents aren’t millionaires without getting mad?

Can’t we discuss how you’re unAmerican and everything you stand for is disgusting and destroying our white country and heritage without you becoming uncivil and calling us a bigot and racist?

No. Fuck you, you un-American piece of foul, disease ridden, maggot infested poop, still bastardizing language to try to protect this clown. You want me to be civil to you, stop being a fucking monster to other human beings.

Trump is the figurehead in a now sadly typical demagogic, authoritarian putsch. History as a guide, you are largely disposable to him. Supporting him through ongoing outrages is very little guarantee of favor. The party line will shift as necessary, apparatchiks will be shed at each hairpin, all the while your nation growing steadily more broken, those on the inside of the grift an ever smaller, tenacious few. Established parties are just hosts for such parasites. Loyalty to them is a mug’s game. You will have sold whatever remains of your conscience for a kick in the teeth. Oppose him, oppose them, it won’t be easy either. Such is life in the no man’s land you have slouched into, step by step. But do the right thing, and you may at least retire with a few drops of honor.

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