Here we go Again.

by kara on June 29, 2024

Here we are again.

The election season will again feature a Republican monkey shit flinging fight with all the reality-TV tropes we’ve come to expect in this vulgar, stupid age, as it inevitably devolves into a shabby bidding war over who will be more amenable and obedient to Donald Trump. PLOT TWIST: It’s the New York Times.

It is 2016 and the only difference between Sanders and HRC, the ONLY GODDAMN DIFFERENCE  is incrementalism vs. revolooooshun. But incrementalism – which works and is achievable in a stable democracy – involves doing things other than talking, which is hard.

And yeah, it wasn’t enough to be yapping only about Bernie up until the last minute and then ‘holding your nose’ on election day and voting Hillary. We were up against fascism and Nazis. And WE ARE AGAIN. If you weren’t campaigning to get her to win after she won the primary, if you were still lamenting Bernie’s loss on social media well into the fall, if you refused to swap out your Bernie bumper sticker for a Hillary one, to me you are just as complicit in all of this as a Trump voter. OK, I will admit that I do not have factual documentation at hand that Bernie dragging out the primary fight long after he had lost, or making Hillary’s “speeches to Goldman Sachs” an attack line, or making her voting for the same crime bill that he did into a smear, or his supporters spinning primary-rigging conspiracy theories out of the Russian DNC hack, and so on, had a quantifiable negative effect on the outcome of the November election.

FACT: The US won’t survive another 4 years of GOP fuckery, so if you want to “ok boomer” me for worrying that people I love are going to get deported/murdered/imprisoned/hauled off to re-education camps, I cordially invite you to go fuck yourself. The disingenuous purity tests are the single most exhausting thing in my life right now.

Get the fuck off Biden’s back and support him. Talk the talk. Uplift him. Or STFU.

Like, we need both leftists advocating for radical change AND liberals who can actually get elected and have the skills to move things incrementally, but I’d love it if we could stop 🐀 fucking each other over it.

All that does is get Nazis elected.

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