Book Worm: Derogative, Hummel, Bibliophile, Ornament, Villain, Sofa, Eyeglass, Comic-Character, Costume, Silverfish, Shoe.

The Profile of a Bookworm Courtesy of Wikipedia is:

The classic bibliophile is one who loves to read, admire and collect books, often amassing a large and specialised collection. Bibliophiles do not necessarily want to possess the books they love; an alternative would be to admire them in old libraries. However, the bibliophile is usually an avid book collector, sometimes pursuing scholarship in the collection, sometimes putting form above content with an emphasis on old, rare, or expensive books, first editions, books with special or unusual bindings, autographed copies, etc.

An Actual Book Worm is this:

In Micrographia, a “study of the Minute Bodies made by the Magnifying Glass”, London, MDCLXVII, one of the earliest publications issued under the authority of the newly-formed Royal Society, Robert Hooke described in Observation LII the “small silver-colour’d Book-worm”, “which upon the removal of Books and Papers in the Summer, is often observed very nimbly to scud, and pack away to some lurking cranny”. The third figure of the 33rd scheme pictures a monster so formidable-looking that Blades1 may be forgiven the suggestion that Hooke “evolved both engraving and description from his inner consciousness”. Comparing, however, this earliest known drawing with one in Houlbert’s monograph, Les Insectes Ennemis des Livres, 1903, we find that the distinguished author of the Micrographia knew what he was about, as alike in text and figure he has given what Houlbert calls “une belle et exacte description” of the Lepisma saccharina, a formidable enemy of books, “one of the teeth of time”, as Hooke calls it. It is a fine bold figure, well executed, and the text is remarkable for a digression upon the different refrangibilities of light of the scales of the Lepisma, which cause the shining appearance, and explain the name “silver fish” given by children to this insect.

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Dandy Comics’s “Bodger the Bookworm:”

courtesy of Peter Gray Comics

Roddy McDowell as Batman’s nefarious and well-read villain, “The Bookworm:”

2 Versions of “The Bookworm” by Henry Stacy Mark’s, 1871:

Electrolux Design Lab “Bookworm Sofa:”

Vintage Bookworm Valentine:

“Bookworm” Smurf:

Adorable “Bookworm” Ornament:

Norman Rockwell’s Hilarious “Bookworm:”

Off-Market Velma Weirdly Identified as “1970’s Bookworm:”

Discontinued “Bookworm” pattern by Hummel:

“The Bookworm”, 1850 – by Carl Spitzweg:

Marvel Villain, “Lonely, Literate and Lethal”:

The “Book Worm” by Clarks:

Horrifying Costume Specs Called “The Bookworm” (or “The Serial Killer”)

Horrifying costume spec named "Bookworm glasses"

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