Famous Folk’s Libraries, Real and Fake.

Obviously, you can tell a lot about a person by their books. I’ll go so far as to say that you can tell practically everything about a person by his/her books. Celebrity’s phony books really crack me up. It’s better to have no books. If you don’t read, own it.

Frank Sinatra’s real books library.

Greta Garbo’s fake but lovely books library.

Woody Allen’s real books library.

Oprah’s fake books library.

Charles DeGaulle’s real books library

Marilyn’s real book library.

Mark Twain’s real books library

Kelsey and Camille’s virtually no books library.

About kara

We know our letters just fine, and we know our numbers to a certain point, but books were always the realm of four-eyed poindexters with bowler hats and cravats. That’s why it pleases us so that America’s proud illiterates are finally stepping up and pushing back against the crushing tide of education that threatens to swallow us all into its gaping maw of checked facts. Champions of the Ignorantiat will not like it here.
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