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DEFIANT HILLARY CLINTON STILL RELEASES A BOOK DESPITE MEN TELLING HER NOT TO. Today is the day! Today is the Big Day! The release date for Hillary Clinton’s new book, “These Words Will Irrationally Enrage Dumb People, And It’s Entirely Unclear Why”, and this neoliberal shill is so scited! Folks in NYC are wearing vagina hats and are tweeting things like this picture of a Union Square Barnes and Noble!

Bet she won’t have to  e rearranging the book table at Costco to make it look like her book is popular!

Here are some important questions to ponder on HRC Book Day:

Why is Hillary Clinton walking in the woods when she should be leading the Resistance?
Why is Hillary Clinton trying to lead the Resistance when she should shut up and go walk in the woods?
Why won’t Hillary Clinton explain all the ways she was bad in the campaign?
Why is Hillary Clinton trying to write a book about the campaign?
Why is Hillary Clinton doing book signings when she ought to home baking cookies and not talking?
Why didn’t Hillary Clinton divorce her husband whom she obviously loves?
Why is Hillary Clinton always blaming sexism?
Why is Hillary Clinton such a bitch?

Hillz was on the CBS “Sunday Morning” television program this weekend, giving a righteous good interview. I know, I am supposed to be harmoniously healing from the primary and never saying a bad thing about Bernie Sanders because he is the true king of us and people concerned with the future of the Democratic Party shouldn’t ever point out that Bernie isn’t even a Democrat, or that he’s made clear he doesn’t give a solitary fuck about the party.

Hillary puts her deplorable foot in her mouth by saying the following thing is true, just because it happens to be true:

“I won a landslide victory in the primary.”

WHOA WHOA WHOA, CRAZY LADY WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING RIGHT NOW? Isn’t it a proven fact that Hillary #RIGGED the primary by getting early endorsements and convincing the base of the Democratic party to like her more, to the point that several million more people voted for her? That is unfair and unkind.

Let’s have a full quote:

“I know what it’s like to win and I know what it’s like to lose. And when I lost to Barack Obama, I immediately turned around, I endorsed him, I worked for him, I convinced my supporters to work for him. I didn’t get the same respect from my primary opponent. And a lot of his supporters continued to harass and go after my supporters, all the time”.

If you don’t remember because of the pot-smoking or the ADD meds haven’t kicked in, things got ugly during the  2008 Democratic primary, There was a particularly obnoxious online movement of Hillary supporters called the PUMAs (Party Unity, My Ass — sound familiar?), threatening to blow everything up because Hillary Clinton had lost the primary fair and square. DAME HILLARY OF BENGHAZI DID NOT PUT UP WITH THIS SHIT FROM HER OWN PEOPLE. UNLIKE BERNIE, she showed up, she embraced Barack Obama wholeheartedly, as personally painful as it must have been for her. That is how a woman behaves. If you dive into the MATH, fewer Sanders supporters rejected Hillary than Hillary supporters rejected Obama in 2008. Like we said, the 2008 primary was vicious. It also should give us hope for <insert platitude here about time healing all wounds>.)

“I think a lot of what he churned up in the primary campaign was very hurtful in the general election against me. […] He doesn’t disown the things they say about … some of my favorite Democrats, people like Kamala Harris, who is out there speaking up and speaking out and she’s being attacked from the left. Enough!”

Goddammit, Hillary, stop it with your quote-unquote “REALITY.” How many times did we hear about people “voting with their vaginas” during the primary? Many. How many times have we pushed back against insane, out-of-left-field attacks on Kamala Harris? HERE and HERE are two examples of that.Candidates and politicians have a lot of power to move their supporters. This is why we constantly demand Donald Trump disavow his white supremacist Nazi adorers. How much difference would it make, now, if Bernie stood next to his colleague Kamala Harris, in a mutual display of “Knock that shit off, assholes”? Just asking questions here.

“You know, if you don’t want to support Democrats, then go somewhere else, but if you are willing to work with us, we’re gonna have disagreements. We’re going to be pushing and pulling to get to the right solutions. I’ve been for universal healthcare coverage my entire adult life. I’ve worked to achieve it. And we got closer than we ever had with the Affordable Care Act. I was defending it, he wanted to start over. We were at 90% coverage. I thought that was significant.”

What would have happened if Bernie Sanders had really fought for Hillary Clinton the way Hillary Clinton did for Barack Obama? How much could he have helped prevent the little situation we’re in right now where, despite Hillary winning the popular vote by millions, 77,000 voters in the Rust Belt were able to hand the election to Donald Trump? I am really ” just saying”.

Idealism has its place, but reality has to step in at some point. Voting your “conscience” with stakes as high as they were should have meant HRC as President. You didn’t vote your “conscience” if you voted Stein, Johnson, or Mickey Mouse or if you continued to trash the Democratic candidate and sashay around in your stupid Bernie shirts. You voted as a child who took their toys home rather than share. Some asshole on Twitter asked how HRC supporters sleep at night. I would pose the same question to him. And for the record:
I sleep at night because I registered voters in a heavily black and hispanic neighborhood and was physically threatened and witnessed others being threatened, and among those threatened were CHILDREN. I tried to ward off post-nomination Berniebots because I knew then that is was going to hurt our chances of winning which meant that the unthinkable could happen. I discouraged women from tweeting things like “i just don’t want THAT woman” and bagging on “older generations” telling them what to do, and calling HRC a “republican lite”). But I also can’t sleep because of this, because at some level I feel less human for not putting my foot in some childish asses. All the Bernie people ever did was eat our stuff, tell kids about “Jill Stein”, and try and swipe the button making machine. They were out of touch adult children without proper education in history, feminism and ethics, and no real threats to their personal comfort. I know who they are now, and I’ll be goddamned if I let them fuck the next show up.





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