9780312668044Vacant Possession
By Hilary Mantel
Picador USA, Paperback, 9780312668044, 242pp.

Publication Date: August 31, 2010

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Plotted-cvr-525x525Plotted: A Literary Atlas 

by Andrew DeGraff

Product details: Hardcover: 128 pages

Publisher: Pulp; Original edition (October, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-936976-86-7





The 1963 Madeleine L’Engle classic, A Wrinkle in Time was one of my favorite books from childhood. Alongside the Narnia Chronicles. it was as close to sci-fi as I was going to get.

This was what my copy looked like:


Disclosure: I am a vicious judger of books by their coverer and always was. Needless to say, this was not appealing to an 8-year-old me. A trio of pale-green concentric circles that looked like goddamn radio waves, against a dark, storm blue background. The three silhouettes not saying ANYTHING about the characters that I may or may not be reading about in the book.

What the hell was this? Too sic-fi, too weird, too psychedelic.

Turns out, it is the story about a 12-year-old girl, Meg and her little brother Charles who live in the requisite big, drafty New England house on a wooded hill, with parents who are brilliant scientists, the mom a beautiful one. Meg is messy, not pretty, temperamental, and surly. She fights with the school bully to protect her little brother. The time-traveling part comes in when the children need to search for their father, who has disappeared –  “through a wrinkle in time, to the deadly unknown terrors beyond the tesseract!”

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9780060936259The Good Neighbor By William Kowalski
Harper Perennial, Paperback, 9780060936259, 406pp.

Publication Date: October 28, 2015

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The Mystery of how there are Literally no Limits to the Racism of Conservatives.

original-2First they made Nick Fury black, then Green Lantern black, then gay, then Spiderman Hispanic, then Thor a woman, then they made Ms. Marvel Muslim, then Hermione Granger black, then some guy in the new Star Wars black, and the other Star Wars guy a woman, then ginger Ron Weasley is a blond, then Captain America is black, now also black is Nancy Drew. Titian-haired, lily-white Nancy Drew. It’s almost like they are fictional characters that can be changed willy-nilly at the complete whims of their intellectual property owners!

Yes, some wingnuts are pretty chafed over the fact that there might be a new Nancy Drew teevee program (yahoo!),  wherein the titular character will not, tragically, be white (BOO!), as God intended when He wrote those books. She might be black, she might be  Latino, she might be Asian, but she will NOT BE WHITE. According to the head of the Mystery of  Nancy Drew and the Missing Master Race club Dave Blount:

A civilization is a chain. Each generation is a link. Sever the connection of one link from the preceding link and you have destroyed the entire chain. […]

Sounds like they are preserving a piece of American culture. But the reverse is true.

That’s one argeldybargeldy, wordsalady way of calling New Nancy Drew the  “N WORD”. And the new icky non-white fictional girl detective is being used to “alienate the core population [read: white people] from their own culture.” Ayup. Sorry about your hundreds of years of supremacy, American white people, Nancy Drew is here to kill your asses off.

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Abe Books 3rd Most Expensive Sale in 2015


 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  by Roald Dahl  sold for a mind-boggling $25,000.

Hey wait, I had that edition, it’s still on my mom’s shelves back in Philadelphia!

The $25,000 copy was a first edition from 1964 that had been signed and inscribed by the author with the words “For Jane and Alex with much love Roald Dahl October 1964.” The bookseller was Raptis Rare Books located in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Published in September 1964 by Knopf, just 10,000 copies of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were published and they sold out within a few weeks.

This copy is by far the most expensive Roald Dahl book to sell via AbeBooks and probably the most expensive Dahl book to ever be sold. I am going to so SO rich.

See entire list via Abe Books

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Read More Books

reposted with love and dignity from  Adequateman by Samer Kalaf

American actor Joan Crawford (1904 - 1977) sits on a sofa, reading a book with her pet poodle, 1940s. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

American actor Joan Crawford (1904 – 1977) sits on a sofa, reading a book with her pet poodle, 1940s. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

What was the last actual, physical book you read? If you’re struggling for an answer, please keep reading. (Note: This does not count as a book.)

Screens can be irritating. I stare at one—sometimes even two—all day for work, and my eyes burn by the end of the day if I don’t take breaks. The fact that I occasionally hurt my eyes due to prolonged focus on words and GIFs makes me feel terrible about myself, and I feel even more guilty when I go straight home and watch TV. That just means I’ve spent a whole day staring at different bright squares. To balance this out, I’ve decided to make an effort to read books after work instead. My informal goal is to finish 12 books this year. If that number seems laughable to you, maybe you should read this book next, genius.

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Read (pronounced red)

9780199951048The Newton Papers
The Strange and True Odyssey of Isaac Newton’s Manuscripts

By Sarah Dry
Oxford University Press, USA, Hardcover, 9780199951048, 238pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2014

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Read (pronounced red)

Bastard Out of Carolina
By Dorothy Allison
Plume Books, Paperback, 9780452297753, 320pp.

Publication Date: February 28, 2012

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9780156262248Down and Out in Paris and London By George Orwell Mariner Books, Paperback, 9780156262248, 228pp.

Publication Date: March 1972


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Americans, are you familiar with Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series of books? There are 21 of them and I’ve read every one. They are about a group of children who have fantastical adventures while home from boarding school.

The Telegraph reports that Mary Gernat, who illustrated the books, sketched her four young sons – Roger, Francis, Nicholas and Justin – for the nostalgic art work for the covers, published by Armada in the 1960s (Gernat died in 1998 at age 72).

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