I Guess Blaming Democrats is Always an Option

by kara on April 29, 2019


A little reminder to Bill Barr about what happens to some AGs who are apparently unaware of the law

William Barr is supposed to be at the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, and then the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday. But he says he just may have to skip, because the Democrats have suggested they might ask questions in a way that doesn’t please him.

William Barr is scum, in the John Mitchell/Ed Meese/Alberto Gonzalez class of utterly shitty, inappropriate criminal garbage scum sitting the AG’s chair. And like all the Republicans in charge of everything right now, he’s a natural born fascist.

Now that Republicans have made it clear that they no longer do the whole “rule of law” thing, is, who’s gonna make him? What do the Democrats do if the entire Republican apparatus simply refuses to acknowledge the rule of law, except when it’s their turn to enforce it?

I mean, this is happening up and down the system. In states where Democratic governors succeeded Republican governors but the legislatures and courts remain majority-Republican, they’re simply refusing to allow the governors to do governor things: they’re changing the laws, they’re revising the standards, they’re openly and deliberately defying the outcome, the way Mitch did when Obama nominated Merrick Garland to replace Antonin Scalia on the Court.

It’s down to the pettiest little things. In the House, Teabagger shitheads like Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows are refusing to abide by the House dress code (the code may be silly, but it’s the code), in order to show their disrespect for the majority. They’re interrupting, refusing to attend meetings, and sabotaging proceedings as well.

The whole “you’re not the boss of me” thing is merely silly if it’s a matter of refusing to wear a jacket and tie even though the rules say you must. But it’s fucking dangerous if it’s a matter of refusing to respond to a subpoena.

We’re gonna need a longer wall to line all of these bastards up against. One that Mexico might actually pay for?

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