Save the World: Block Fox News on your Parents’ TV

by kara on April 26, 2019


Fox News has always been a poison on the populace, especially when applied to the brains of the duller Republican elders amongst us. But even through its alarming racism and mistruths, there was a funny quality to it. Yee-haw, is it time for the War on Christmas? Is Santa Claus black? Outrages over Obama’s choice of suits, mustard, and fiction books on vacation. It’s always been a clubhouse for slimy perverts who finance their groping habit by shouting word salad at aging Boomers. But now we have a Trump TV, almost literally a state run network. Whether that “state” is Russia or the Trump White House is still unclear.

The victims of the asinine “fair and balanced”, 24 hours a day immersion has rocked the foundations of families for at least one entire generation. Formally kind, open minded people now openly mock feminists and hybrid cars. Aging Kennedy Democrats morphed into enraged and unreachable Fox News fanatics who dwell in bubbles of denial and will believe anything, no matter how bizarre. BLM is spying on them via their smoke detectors, climate change is “fake news”.

I know many people who have basically lost family members, thanks to the deep psychological brainwashing tactics of this Australian terrorist’s propaganda network. Father and uncles forcing rageful one-sided discussions of conservative politics at Thanksgiving dinner, or baiting sons and nieces and in-laws into idiotic debates over climate change.



Rupert Murdoch ruined my family and my country. If a genie gave me wishes I would hope his private plane crashes into the sea and every single person that works for Fox News gets trapped in the building and burns alive.

This quote is from a post I happened upon that tore me up and threw me away.

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I hate what they’ve done to almost everyone in my family 

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Welcome to Hell World

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