by kara on April 25, 2019

It is dead simple:

Nothing really moves trump’s numbers. His floor is around 35 and ceiling is around 47.

Bill Clinton had a SIXTY THREE percent approval rating when they impeached him. The Starr investigation was almost cartoonish in its partisan motivations and Had saturated the media largely due to the fact that Ken Starr is an attention whore.

These are completely different scenarios. Here we have a member of the president’s own party delivering 400 pages of criminal and ethical crimes to the public. In saner times members of his own party in congress would turn on him and vote to convict because their constituents would hold them responsible.

The failure to secure a conviction is transparently due to partisanship, but I this scenario the constitution DEMANDS impeachment.

We aren’t going to move trump’s base voters. But 18 months of crime documented on live teevee through hearings and the news will move the low info center right voters to us, or suppress their will to vote.

This is a no brainer. Impeach the motherfucker

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