I Think it’s Time to Accept the Fact that Sherman Blew it When he Didn’t Burn Everything Down in The South.

by kara on January 14, 2019

I want to point out that the Deplorables who support the President of the Wall are the same people who fought for slavery even though they themselves were not the patrician plantation owners. THEY FOUGHT TO KEEP BLACKS FOREVER ENSLAVED, and when the treasonous assholes lost, because they are LOSERS, they kept up the idea and thus Jim Crow and the KKK were born. And when that was addressed (although never fixed), they went after women. Because us uppity ladies should be making babies in the kitchen (and mind you, that is exactly what the Nazis wanted, too…they had a second KKK, (kinder, kuchen, and kirchen…children, kitchen, church).  These “people” also corrupted reconstruction (please read Eric Foner’s epic book on Reconstruction). No only was much of the reconstruction efforts in vain due to the efforts of white landowners, but the entire history was corrupted by white historians like those from the Dunning School who argued that blacks were not able to participate in voting or having freedom. It is really quite shocking.

Reading “Frederick Douglass” –  and Douglass himself makes all these exact points before the Civil War even started (SPOILER ALERT – looks like the North may be going to win).

Another in-depth look at the history if racism and how it really began and how it triumphed is “The Legal History of the Color Line: The Rise and Triumph of the One Drop Rule” by Frank W Sweet. *an interesting historical note: The East India Traders were totally turned on by the caste system of India…which had been started by the Aryans (which the Nazis were too stupid to realize Aryans were from steppes/Northern India) who were a nasty bunch of shits. The explorers/traders/assholes came back and were like “Yay, people darker than us aren’t even totally human and we can exploit and kill them at will”.

And food for thought: ;et’s take back the narrative and start calling the “Evangelicals” what they are – Vengeful Hate Cult – expose them, stop them, and send them PACKING instead of capitulation to them and buying into their bullshit lies and misnomers like “Moral Majority” “Values Voters”, “Good People”, or “Christians.”

We are only go to “win” this battle when we ADMIT and REDRESS the horror of slavery and the horror of hatred toward POC and total equality for ALL.


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