by kara on November 5, 2018

It is time that every decent human being in America understands that Republicans do not consider most of us as human. They simply don’t see us as their equals. It’s time we do the same.

Republicans are evil. We are not; we are the good ones.

Republicans are greedy. We are not; we understand the importance of the common good.

Republicans are racist. We are not.

Republicans are misogynist. We are not.

Republicans are xenophobic. We are not.

Republicans do not read. We do!

Republicans are Nazis. We punch Nazis in the face.

Republicans are sociopaths. We understand and value the concept of community.

Republicans are scared of everything. They are pussies. We are not.

Republicans are chickenhawks. We are not. More Democrats serve in the military than Republicans.

Republicans are hypocrites. We are not. When we say Fuck Ted Cruz we mean it.

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