Eat the Rich for Breakfast

by kara on February 20, 2018



I am dropping in just to spout off on this one thing

via Vanity Fair

Please tell us again how the poor blahs caused the housing market crash by taking out mortgages on homes they couldn’t afford.
Can we put a moratorium on the narrative that the rich are rich because they are SMART? And good with money? Don’t know about you, but I don’t know too many folks in Normal People World who’ve blown a billion dollars. Anyone I personally know could give away 95% of a billion dollars and still live their Dream Life.

 Right. Anyone that needs more than $50 million to live a good life ain’t gonna live such a good  life.

To be fair, JarHead  didn’t actually “blow” a billion dollars; he just got some papers moving some stuff around electronically. Probably money laundering for Russian mafia, just like his father in law. I swear, these guys are criminals beyond anything we can currently imagine. When it all comes out, I think it’ll involve murder and child sex trafficking and who knows what else.


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