The World’s Greatest Republican Party Game.

by kara on November 19, 2013

Mad (at) Libs(™), a phrasal template word game where one player – a Republican –  prompts another player – also a Republican –  for a list of words to fill-in-the-blanks, before reading the – often comical or asinine nonsense aloud.

OMFG!!That horrible Obama did ____________
OMFG! That horrible Obama did not ____________
OMFG!!That horrible Obama went to ____________
OMFG!!That horrible Obama did not go to ____________
OMFG!!That horrible Obama changed_____________
OMFG! That horrible Obama did not change ____________
OMFG!!That horrible Obama said____________
OMFG!!That horrible Obama did not say ____________

No president ever ever ever has been this ______________ (mean, uppity, attention-seeking, selfish, etc.).*

Just pencil in something new every day and off we go…you can use the same word at the same time in all the blanks and that’s completely okay, too. The only part that matters is “That horrible Obama”.

* Black. The answer is always “black.”

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