Blowtorch Bain.

by kara on August 10, 2012

Here is an unphotoshopped, completely legal photograph of Romney and pals waving around blood-soaked-death-squad-dollars in celebration of Bain’s initial funding via Salvadoran war criminals. When asked about the picture,  Mitt responded that it was just a bunch of guys having fun and he remembered it “fondly.” Mitt  fondly remembers all his Latin American death squad friends and hopes that maybe it will counter Team Romney’s admission that Romneycare prevented poor folks in Massachuste from dying, and his bloodthirsty base can heave  a sigh of relief.

Romney and his partners had struggled to raise funds from traditional sources, so they met with some unsavory Central American oligarchs looking for new investment vehicles as turmoil engulfed their region. Romney was rightfully concerned that the oligarchs money might be traced back to “illegal drug money, right-wing death squads, or left-wing terrorism”. But, pressed for capital, Mitts forgot to be concerned and flew to Miami in 1984 to meet with the Salvadorans at a local bank. Some of these were members of wealthy, prominent Central American families who were  financing “Death Squads” in El Salvodor’s civil war.

These Death Squads beat back left-wing guerrillas and reformers committing atrocities on a mass scale – from 1979 to 1992, some 75,000 people were killed, and 8000 were disappeared. Their list of atrocities is harrowing; they killed a group of Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter; slaughtered a group of Catholic lay nuns and townspeople, separating men from women, locking them in a church, taking them out in small groups, raping the women then murdering them and burning the bodies. The Death Squad Overlord was Roberto D’Aubuisson, aka Blowtorch Bob, a uniquely sadistic psychopath who would throw babies up and shoot them in midair, just for fun. He ordered his Death Squads to hunt down and torture insurgents favoring methods involving a blow torch, before murdering them. They shot Archbishop Oscar Romero in the heart while he was saying Mass.

But, Mitt, don’t worry about the part your money played in all this. I mean, it’s not really the criminal kind of murder and nun-rape and assassination and – it was just perpetrated against peasants, poor farmers, students, revolutionaries, marxists, priests, and agitators for human rights and democracy  – you know, Soviet dupes. And only ideologically-blinded US stooges would see anything wrong with it. Furthermore, it’s hardly Mitt’s fault that El Salvador didn’t have Romneycare, to treat the bullet and blowtorch wounds of uninsured nuns.They could have moved to Massachusetts as soon as they were raped but before they were killed.

I can pretty much guarantee that, if any of the Bain investors/El Salvadoran death squads had seen the above photo when it mattered to them, Mitt’s company would have folded like a cheap patio lounger in a windstorm and Mitt’s body would remain vanished to this day:

‘SENIOR Romney, you know we do not like to have our money waved around like you’re in a stripper club, right?”

Will revelations of Romney’s odious and nefarious financial dealing help stop anyone but the 20-25% of Americans that are so racist as to be self-immolating to vote against “The Black Guy? I think of John Negroponte, our ambassador to Honduras at the time of the civil war, who covered up torture and war crimes by digging mass graves on the grounds of a US military base there, and then was made ambassador to the UN and later Iraq under George W. Bush.  Or, will Americans cast votes for Mitt Romney, literally no matter what he’s done? They don’t really pay attention. That’s why they vote for teatard idiots who campaign on “jobs” and then spend all their time in congress chipping away at abortion and brown peoples’ rights. They don’t know. Almost nobody gave a crap what our “friends” were doing to people in Central America in the 80s. I’m sure they care even less now. And besides, everyone knows the Contras were the equivalent of the US founding fathers, and Pinochet made Chile safe for Capitalism.

When I used to think of Mitt’s afterlife, I would envision it as a hellish reflection and culmination of his life on earth, where he spends eternity wallowing damp and uncomfortable in abject poverty in some cruel and hellish slum/gulag of his own heartless creation. Now, I think of his afterlife as a reflection and culmination of his life on earth in a high school locker room, where he stands in his soiled magic underwear while a staff of vengeful, murdered nuns take turns slamming his knuckles with rulers, and bullied schoolmates taunt him, towel-snap him and punch him in the nuts. For eternity.

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