Welfare Farmers

by kara on July 25, 2018

Who else is sick and tired of hearing about the holy family farm? How did a job most often acquired by birthright become some national symbol of meritocracy? Almost every farmer I know inherited their farm. The great majority of American agriculture is controlled by large corporations. This welfare is going to them.

Remember when Republicans lost their fucking minds when Obama bailed out the Detroit auto makers? Never mind that that was caused by a world wide recession, not a self inflicted policy. Never mind that all but 9.7 billion was recouped by the government- less than the 12 billion we’re about to shell out (and we’ll never see a penny of it back). Never mind that we were talking about over a quarter million GM and Chrysler direct employees, a million or more other parts supplier employees and millions more in related industries vs about 100,000 soy bean farmers. Republicans still to this day HATED that bailout.

The key difference is obvious- those helped by the auto bailout were mostly blah people, union thugs and libtards. The people helped by Trump’s bean bailout will be white Trump voters, so this is different. Suddenly it’s OK when the government is picking winners and losers and getting in the way of free markets.

The Republican Party: A choice between double standards or none at all.

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