My Miss Nancy

by kara on June 22, 2017

It is no secret that we at Teen Sleuth Incorporated love Nancy Pelosi very muchNancy Pelosi has always been in my top list of politicians that have ZERO FUCKS TO GIVE. Even when the house flipped she still was trying to rag doll the GOP like a pit bull. Nancy Pelosi is a badass liberal California womyn who drives Republicans up the god-dang wall, and also she knows how to whip the vote real good-like.

Remember when drunk old John Boehner turned 65-drunk-ass-years-old, and Nancy Pelosi tweetered him a birthday greeting abut “HAHA U R ON MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY NOW”? It’s funny because Republicans like Boehner are always trying to kill those things! Oh and remember when Nancy “celebrated” Paul Ryan’s return to Congress in 2012, by making a special video of a bunch of times Ryan made words stupid with his purty mouth?And when she chuckle-snorted about Ryan being a stone-cold weenus who’s too scared to answer questions about big mean tiny-pawed Donald TrumP. Well played, ma’am, WELL PLAYED.

Despite incessant  attempts to malign her during her tenure as Speaker of the House, Nancy was arguably the most effective person in that post in U.S. history, with an extraordinary set of accomplishments over a brief period of time.

Pelosi faced a House so divided along party lines that she couldn’t count on a single Republican vote for legislation–which means that she had to wrangle fellow Democrats to demonstrate a discipline and unity they have not been famous for. Out of that unity emerged a record of public policy triumphs unmatched since the Great Society legislation of the 1960s:

Health-care reform. Financial reform. Ethics reform.

A $787 billion stimulus.

The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. A minimum wage increase. Student aid. Extending health coverage to 11 million children.

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

All of this legislation was very important to women and reflected Pelosi’s feminist values. “She is for women’s rights unequivocally,” says Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation (and publisher of Ms.).

Rep. Jan Schakowsky describes her as “absolutely the strongest, most disciplined and focused person I’ve ever met.” Pelosi’s still got the platform, the guts and the smarts to keep the accomplishments of her tenure from being dismantled. Knowing how she stood up to withering attacks and seemingly insurmountable political odds, we’re placing bets on her.

Recently, Donald Trump called Ms. Nancy “incompetent”. Let’s see

  • Nancy Pelosi led her caucus to vote 60 times to repeal Obamacare, and then when she actually had a president who wouldn’t veto an Obamacare repeal … could no longer get her caucus to repeal Obamacare.
  • Nancy Pelosi promised a bill to replace Obamacare for seven years and still doesn’t have a bill to replace Obamacare.
  • Nancy Pelosi couldn’t talk her own caucus down from shutting down the government, over Obamacare.

JUST KIDDING! Those incompetent people were all either Paul Ryan or John Boehner, NOT NANCY PELOSI. But sure, let’s blame Pelosi for the fact that Democrats are FOR SURE about to go the way of the Whigs, and don’t in fact have millions more voters in the country than Republicans do, because it’s mos def her fault the state legislatures in 2010 all gerrymandered the fuck out of their Congressional districts so that millions more votes translated to hundreds fewer House seats.

AND YET, over in the twittersphere, there continues a perverse power play by the Berniecrat wing of the Democratic Party to marginalize Dame Kamala Harris, Hillz (who isn’t even running for anything), and My Miss Nancy. Inexplicably, they are using John Ossoff’s loss as the reason Nancy Pelosi has to go (why, out of all factors involved it’s her fault is a goddamn mystery). So, evidently Nancy Pelosi the reason Ossof lost. Because reasons.

Maybe it’s because of how the Republicans have demonized her, so it’s best to just get rid of her, (as they surely won’t just demonize someone else).

Maybe because if they don’t blame her they’ll have to take a good hard look at Bernie.

I keep asking them which one of Bernie’s picks has done as well as John Ossoff, I’ll let you know when one of them answers.  I’m sure it will be any minute now.

The bros do not like strong women. Lizzy W was always their ‘one black friend’ inoculation until she betrayed them by not shitting on Hillary in 2016 , when they turned on her like a pack of rabid hyenas. It’s all part of wresting control of the party for one Bernie Sanders – they’re not interested in sharing power or ideas or a platform, much like extreme members of that other political party we keep complaining about.

Sorry, fake lefties who have demanded Nancy Pelosi step down, while also taking $4 million investments from Republicans, but, you know, it’s everyone else who’s corrupted by money, not them. Seriously, FUCK THE YOUNG TURKS.

The ladies are done with your shit, gentlemen. Sit down. TEEN SLEUTH OUT.

Teen Sleuth did not get $4 million from A SINGLE Republican, AND zero ads.

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