by kara on February 13, 2017

Stephen Miller – apparently the illegitimate love child of Hannibal Lecter and Daryl Issa – is President 45’s newest pick to be a senior adviser in the White House.

Stephen parlayed his experiences as a conservative activist at Duke – where he palled around with white nationalist leader Richard Spencer – into a job on Capitol Hill, as one will do. He worked for 2 batshit crazies: former Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, and then Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, where Miller quickly became associated with the hardline anti-immigration, anti-globalist views that characterize a main theme of the Trump campaign. Stephen Miller has long ties to prominent white nationalist,  the very punchable Richard Spencer, who sees him as an ally of the movement. Miller has allegedly denounced multiculturalism and expressed concerns that immigrants from non-European countries were not assimilating. Stephen Miller played a key role in drafting and rolling out Trump’s immigration executive order that unleashed global chaos.

Some quotes from some of  Stephen Miller’s college paper via Slate.

On feminism and closing the pay gap:

“What feminists don’t realize is that bosses simply want to run a successful business. They will reward and promote whichever employees are doing the best job. If John sells more than Jill, he gets promoted; if Jill sells more than John, she gets promoted. That is the simple beauty of the free market.” (“Sorry Feminists,” Nov. 22, 2005)

“It’s vital to keep in mind what it would actually mean for women if we were to close the pay gap. For many, it would mean giving up a noble career in social working or putting in 50- and 60-hour work weeks and not being able to spend time with the family. It would mean trading in jobs like housekeeping for night shifts doing road repairs; it would mean giving up the joy of being home during your child’s first years of life.” (Ibid)

After making the rounds on the Sunday shows (he needs a teleprompter for interviews), last week, Stephen was ruthlessly mocked on Twitter.  He is the latest in a long line of the Trump White House’s Misfit Toys. Stephen was a conservative in liberal Santa Monica growing up – never got to be cool, fun, or happy so now he’s just a dour nerd trying to throw elbows with fascist power behind him. He’ll get his revenge on all the kids who made fun of him now! Just you watch. He’ll show us all.

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