What’s 11 Days in Dog Years?

by kara on January 31, 2017

Every morning when my eyes slam open to the world, I think, “well yesterday was the nadir, and I can’t possibly feel any more helpless, hopeless or angry.” Every day I am proven wrong.

Let’s recap what, in 2 weeks of “45”‘s reign, we have learned:

1) 45 rules by alternative facts

2) His first thought upon waking up in the White House was not “How can I help the American People?” but “How can I stop those who dare publish the truth about the crowds at the inauguration?”

3) “45” governs by asking first “how will this make me look good?”

4) “45” is obsessed with his popularity, or, lack thereof

5) In foreign relations, we are a laughing stock in Mexico, and have ceded power to the Chinese in Asia.

6) Republicans no longer care about deficits, executive power, Benhgazi, private email servers, the Constitution, or democracy now that they’re control.

7) Republicans still care about putting the heavy boot on the necks of government on brown people, women, and anyone who cares the truth now that they are in power.

8) Steve Bannon, a Nazi, has been appointed to a permanent position on the Principals Committee of the National Security Council. Meanwhile, 45’s daughter and son-in-law continue to be Jewish.

9) We are hearing a lot of braying about Voter Fraud but now know that 45’s daughter and idiot son-in-law have committed voter fraud, and apparently, according to 45, didn’t vote even vote for him.

10) Most major news organizations have to start each morning with “This is what the president said yesterday, and here are all the lies he told when he said it.”

11) After instructing Justice Dept lawyers not to defend 45’s Muslim ban in court, our only Attorney General was told, “you’re fired” by 45 and now we have no AG (side note: Yates was one of the senior officials who warned Comey that his Oct. letter would violate Justice Dept’s standard operating procedure).

11) We learned that 45 may not be dying of Dysentery or Diabetes or sniffles like a common Hillary, but he is dying of fear of staircases.

12) George W. Bush is starting to look like a passably capable president, and Dick Cheney like only a semi-anti-democratic center of evil.


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