Harriet the Spies, UNITE.

by kara on January 18, 2017

In America, everyone can be “the press”. If you have a camera, videocamera, cell phone, tape recorder, a plain old pencil and piece of paper, or what you can keep in your memory, you can observe and record what you see and hear. With the Internet, you can broadcast it. Maybe not nearly as effectively as the big league media, but when you put your work out there is stays out there.

As the media in the US has been and will continue to drop the ball on a daily basis, it’s up to us to fill in the gaps left by the for-profit (including MSNBC, those ratfuckers),  and by Right Wing Nut Job media Goliaths. If we don’t keep it up, I’m afraid that this, too will be taken away from us.

Don’t go silently into that good night.

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